How to play with friends in New World

This is what you must do if you want to play New World with your friends. Enjoy the world created by Amazon Games with the help of your regular playmates.

New World is an MMORPG, that is, multiplayer role. This implies that, at some point, you will want to play with your Steam friends, or those that you have done in your games. Here we will show you how you can do it and the limitations when playing with friends .


  1. How to play with friends in New World
  2. Advantages of playing as a team
  3. Limitations when playing cooperative

How to play with friends in New World

  • Playing with friends or adding friendsis pretty easy. Start by opening the Company, Journal, or Character tabs .
  • In any of the three you will see, on the left side, the Online and Group buttons. Obviously, Online shows your online friends.
  • Unfold the Group optionand you can search for players by entering their player name (the name of the game, not the Steam user).


  • Once you select the player you will see all the social options, from adding him as a friend to inviting him to be part of your group or even your company.
  • Players who are part of your party will be marked in blue on the map, so that you don’t accidentally lose sight of them.

Advantages of playing as a team

  • In essence, it offers you the advantages that playing in a group offers, that is, it is easier to defeat enemies.

Limitations when playing cooperative

  • The main limitation is the fact that the players must be on the same server.
  • At the moment you cannot migrate from the server, so it is advisable to agree with your friends before creating a character to be able to play together.
  • The missions are not shared, at least at the launch, so in this aspect a simpler help is offered. That is, you can help your companions to complete missions but you will not know if they do not tell you.
  • Each player receives different faction missions, so even being in the same faction or company you will not be able to help directly and express to your companions if they do not tell you what to do.
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