How to play with a rabbit?

In this article from Animal Expert we will explain how to play with a rabbit . When we decide to live with one of these animals, it is essential that we inform ourselves about all the care that it needs. We cannot limit ourselves to placing them in a cage, no matter how big it is. Rabbits are sociable animals that like company, so it is convenient that we have more than one, that we play with them and dedicate the attention they require. Next, we explain how to do it in the best way.

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  1. Do rabbits play?
  2. How to play with a rabbit?
  3. Games for rabbits
  4. Rabbit toys
  5. Homemade toys for rabbits

Do rabbits play?

Although rabbits are becoming a regular company in many homes, there is still a lack of knowledge about their behavior or basic care. So if we have just adopted one, we are probably wondering how to play with a rabbit. Because, indeed, rabbits play and they like to play .

In any case, we must first leave them the adaptation period that they need when they arrive at our home. A rabbit that doesn’t know us is likely to be scared or, at least, suspicious. In that state you will not feel like playing. Therefore, we must give him confidence and not force him , since we could achieve the opposite result and end up having a stressed rabbit .

Once you are receptive, the first point to keep in mind is observation. It is not recommended that the accommodation of rabbits in our home is a cage, unless it is large. Otherwise, we must enable them a room or space of similar size where they can explore freely. In this way we will take advantage to observe them. Knowing what they do and what they like is what will help us identify the most attractive games and toys for rabbits.

How to play with a rabbit?

If we are interested in knowing how to play with our rabbit, it is recommended that we follow the following guidelines , in addition to those mentioned in the previous section, so that the game is satisfactory for both parties:

  • Although the game is fun, we cannot lose sight of the precautions when handling. In this way we will avoid accidents or scares.
  • We will always address the rabbit in a slow way, with careful movements and a soft voiceso that it does not panic. This is especially important for those who are more shy. A bad experience can make them withdraw. We should never yell at them.
  • We must avoid sudden movements because they could cause injury or end up causing fear in the rabbit, since they are easily scared. Therefore, it is also recommended that we play from the ground, trying to get down to their level.
  • It is also important that we ensure that the gaming environment is a safe place, eliminating any potential danger.
  • To start a session it is important not to interrupt the rabbit if it is currently eating or resting. We must respect their times.
  • Also, we can’t expect the rabbit to play with us from the beginning. Typically, you need an adaptation period to understand what we want from him. The rewards, without passing us, and the loving words can serve as a stimulus.
  • Some rabbits, with arousal, can react aggressively. At that time we will stop the game, but without scolding them. For others, nibbling is a show of affection.
  • If the rabbit does not want to play anymore we will not force itand we will end the session.

If your rabbit shows no interest in the game or in the affection you give it, you can always consult this article with more advice: ” How to make a rabbit affectionate ?”.

Games for rabbits

To know how to play with a rabbit, we insist, it will be essential that we look at its personality. Thus, we can take advantage of their favorite behaviors , such as the following, at the time of the game:

  • Nibbling
  • Holding objects with teeth.
  • Throwing objects.

To play with him we will look for toys, utensils or materials that facilitate these behaviors that are fun for him. It is also a good idea to establish a gaming routine . The first hours of the morning and the last hours of the afternoon usually coincide with those of the busiest rabbit, so they can be good times for the game. In any case, observation will also allow us to know which are its busiest hours.

Rabbit toys

Now that we know how to play with our rabbit, the time has come to choose the most suitable toys. We can choose some to leave them permanently and to play solo and reserve others only for interaction with us.

Thus, if our rabbit likes to catch, throw or throw objects, we must provide them with those that are adequate to do so and that are safe. A good entertainment is the logic toys and also the kong type in which we can introduce prizes, so that they will come out when the rabbit manipulates them. On sale we will find toys for straw or wicker rabbits, balls, trunks, rattles, scrapers, ropes, hay balls, tunnels, etc. We will choose those that match our rabbit’s favorite activities.

Undoubtedly, offering adequate environmental enrichment, with the most appropriate toys, in addition to food, water, etc., is one of the most important care for rabbits , so we must pay the attention it deserves.

Homemade toys for rabbits

We have seen how to play with a rabbit and in this last section we will talk about how we can do it with homemade toys available to anyone, such as the following:

  • Cardboard tubeswhen the roll of toilet or kitchen paper is finished.
  • Any cardboard boxdeep enough for the rabbit to be fully inserted. We can fill it with pieces of paper.
  • With cardboard boxes we can also make different constructions with holes between them so that the rabbit enters and leaves or destroys at will.
  • Another option is that we encourage ourselves to make the homemade version of any toy on the market. Of course, we must control that all the materials we use are safe and free of toxic paints.

For example, the toys that we show in the following video, although they are for cats, can also be used for rabbits by adapting their size.

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