How to play with a friend in Among Us

In this article, we’ll show you how to play Among Us with your friends.

First, start the game. Once on the home screen, go to Online mode and create your playroom. Its code will appear at the bottom of the screen, since by default all created rooms are private. Give the code to all of your teammates, then ask them to select “Find a Game” in the Online section, indicate that the room is private, and enter the correct code. They will be in the hallway.

Before sending the code, you will be able to select certain game options. For example, how many impostors there will be, how many characters will be on board, and so on. And do not forget to leave the room private, as some strangers will quickly connect to the public game.

An alternative option is to play on a local network with your friends. But for this you have to gather in one place and connect to the same Wi-Fi network. One of you creates a game in the Local section, while others go there and wait for it to appear.

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