How to play ‘UNO’ from my Telegram account with friends

Among all the things that can be done in the Telegram application, you can also play the classic card game ‘UNO’ with your Telegram contacts. This really is a pretty nifty option to play with your friends without the need for a website or gaming app , it’s all within Telegram.

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  1. What should you do to activate the games in your Telegram account?
  2. What are the requirements to be able to start a game of UNO?
    1. A group of 4 people maximum
    2. Login to UNObot
  3. How can the bot be configured to start playing?
    1. What to do to start the game of UNO?

What should you do to activate the games in your Telegram account?

It is not difficult to activate the games and minigames within Telegram , you will only need the application and make use of some Telegram ‘Bots’. These games can be played alone or with your friends that you have added on Telegram.

To start using Telegram games, enter any chat in the application and write ‘@gamee’ in a message and send it , now press the message and accept the challenge of the game that the bot suggests to you at the beginning or enter that new one chat write the name of a game you want to search to play alone or with your friends within a group on Telegram.

What are the requirements to be able to start a game of UNO?

As in traditional UNO games, certain requirements must also be followed in Telegram in order to start a game in this game. It is not complicated, but if you do not meet these requirements you will not be able to start a game, also remember that you must use the Telegram bots to be able to play.

You must be attentive to the instructions sent by the Telegram bot, which will be in charge of organizing UNO’s game , if you and your friends already know the game’s instructions, it won’t be a major problem to start playing and see who wins the game.

A group of 4 people maximum

As in the traditional card after, in UNO through Telegram it is required that the group of players be a maximum of 4 friends that you have added in your Telegram contacts, it is the basic thing to start the game so with 3 friends maximum Besides you, you can start playing.

Login to UNObot

You must enter the UNObot, this is done by entering Telegram and pressing the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner, you must write ‘unobot’ and select the first option to start a chat. Now that the chat is created with the bot, you will have to create a group of 4 participants (or less) including yourself and add the UNObot as a chat member to start the game.

How can the bot be configured to start playing?

When you start a conversation with the UNObot, you will see the options to play and some settings that you can press to consult or write the word of the configuration directly in the chat and send it to receive the answer with options to configure or information about the game.

What to do to start the game of UNO?

Once you have created the group with your friends and the UNObot, you must create a UNO game by typing ‘/ new’ in the chat and sending it, so the game will be created and ready to start adding participants . If there is a previous game and you want to start a new one, by sending ‘/ new’ you start a new game.

The next thing is to get your friends to join the game; To do this, each of the players must write ‘/ join’ in the text bar and send it as a message. The bot will send messages confirming that group members have joined the new UNO game.

Once the group members have joined the UNO game, you must type ‘/ start’ in the text bar and send it as a message; This way you will launch a first card in the game and it will be identified with your Telegram username and the number of cards that correspond to you in a message followed by the letter in question.

After each card launch, the bot will send a message informing who will take the next turn . The other members of the game will be able to follow the game by pressing the option ‘make your choice’ under the message that says the corresponding turn.

At the bottom of the chat a tab will be displayed where are the cards that can be used to add to the game. The objective of this game is to have as few cards as possible, so whoever runs out of cards will win the UNO game.

Playing UNO within Telegram is a good alternative to entertain ourselves, each user can play from the comfort of their home and their mobile or PC with their friends and enjoy a good time with an entertaining game of UNO. If your friends do not have a Telegram account yet, invite them to join the application to be able to play and join your UNO games.

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