How to play two or more people in Minecraft

For more than a decade, Minecraft has remained one of the most important and popular games in the gamer market for all ages, being critically acclaimed, winning several awards as one of the best games of all time.

Establishing itself as an industry titan, creating its own culture through its infinite creative possibilities by being an open world game with a variety of game modes , from survival mode to creative mode, Minecraft is perfectly suited to the user tastes, where you set your own goals without any obligation, except yourself and the limits of your imagination.

How to Play Two or More People in Minecraft in Multiplayer Mode

One of the ways to enjoy the game to its full potential is through a shared world , where you can play with your friends and create all kinds of adventures in this world of possibilities, and let your creativity explode through its mechanisms and large constructions .

This is one of the many options that this incredible game offers us, if you are interested in knowing how to play with two or more people in Minecraft or in multiplayer mode, continue reading to learn all the options that the game puts at hand.


  • Join an existing multiplayer game
  • Join a local game

Join an existing multiplayer game

To use this option, first of all you must go to your browser to find a server to connect to for multiplayer mode, among which you can visit the following:,,

Before choosing a server, make sure that your version of the game is compatible with that of the server. It is also advisable to review the description of the server to find out which one is best suited to the experience you are looking for, either by type of game, whitelist, population, PvP and uptime.

Once you have chosen the server you are going to enter, locate its IP address , generally located in the Information section, select the address and copy it. Once the address is copied, start the game and select the option “Multiplayer” and there click on “Add server” where you are going to copy the IP address. Finally, select the added server and check the option “Join the server” to connect to it and start playing.

Once in the game make sure you respect the server rules , and do not destroy or modify another player’s creations, to avoid being expelled from the game. Another small detail to take into account because you are playing with strangers, it is advisable to avoid sharing personal information.

Join a local game

This option allows you to play with your friends in close proximity who are connected to the same local network, or through a VPN in case they are not on the same network. First of all, we must make sure that all players have the same version of Minecraft to be able to connect, in case they have different versions, start the Minecraft launcher and the option to edit profile you can choose the version to use.

Then you are going to create the world on one of the computers, once created in the pause menu select the option “Open in LAN” to configure the multiplayer game, once the configuration is finished click on “Start a LAN world” to create the server.

After all these steps, the other teams must open the game in Multiplayer for the computer to scan for the game, once the created world appears, click on “Enter the server” to start the game.

In many cases at the start of the game, the players are separated from each other. If your intention is to play together, the creator of the world can teleport everyone to the same place , just by pressing T to open the chat and write “/ tp Playername Hostname” to join the players, repeat this process with all the members of the departure.

Apart from the multiplayer mode, there are many options that Minecraft offers to enjoy the game alone without an internet connection . These are the two simplest and most used options today to play in multiplayer mode to enjoy and learn about exploration and constructions with your friends.


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