How to play the Wraith in Apex Legends

Tips for playing as Wraith: how to use passive and tactical skills, Legend’s ultimate; character advantages and disadvantages

Apex Legends is a battle royale set in the Titanfall universe, in which several squads (up to 20) of three people each try to survive, fighting against each other on the large island of Kings Canyon. We bring to your attention the material dedicated to the interdimensional fighter Wraith.

Basic information

  • Role: interdimensional fighter.
  • Passive Skill: Voices from the Void. A certain Voice always warns you of danger nearby.
  • Active skill: Into the Void. You instantly move from one position to another using the Void, which avoids damage.
  • Special Ability: Rift. For 60 seconds, a portal will work, linking the two places to each other. At the same time, your entire team can pass through it.

The Wraith in Apex Legends plays almost the same role as the Tracer from Overwatch, but instead of a quick flash, the Legend can hide for a few seconds in the shadow of a parallel dimension and safely move from point “A” to point “B”. It is a very useful tool that comes in handy when attacking and defending, and Ulta Rafe is a more advanced version of the active skill. After activating the ultimate, you can run for 30 seconds and at any time connect two places with the help of portals, so that you and all your allies can cover a long distance in a matter of seconds. Portals work both ways.

The key to playing as Wraith is constant communication with your team . Despite the seeming complexity of the game, Rafe is great for beginners and experienced players, as it allows both the first and second to stay in battle as long as possible. Killing Wraith is really hard! However, I would say that Rafe, like Mirage, is more suitable for creative people. Also, Rafe can be used as a scout who moves away from his team and warns allies in advance about the presence of enemies on the way.

Benefits of the Voices from the Void passive skill

The passive ability “Voices from the Void” is very useful. When Rafe is near opponents, you will hear voices indicating the presence of danger nearby. Unlike Bloodhound’s skill, this information is only audible to Wraith, so you’ll have to communicate with your teammates if you want to warn them of a nearby threat.

You must heed the warnings carefully , and playing with headphones should enhance the effectiveness of this ability. If there is an enemy nearby (the skill worked), but no one is attacking you, then we can conclude: either he is at a disadvantage, or he simply does not see Wraith.

How to use the active skill “Into the Void”

When the skill “Into the Void” is activated, Rafe becomes completely invisible and begins to move at an increased speed . Keep in mind that while the skill is active, you will not be able to see other gamers, and therefore, before moving in this way blindly, you must carefully study your environment.

However, the ability is great for unexpected engagement and other advantages in combat . Remember that from the moment the skill was activated, all your opponents could move from one place to another. And given the fact that in Apex Legends agility is the best way to protect any character, there is no reason to hope that the enemy remains in place. At the very least, try to hide the moment when the skill is activated , so that the enemy does not know where to look for you.

You can also use the Into the Void skill as a tool for rapid evacuation. If during a shootout you feel that you are about to receive fatal damage, you can use this skill and run away from opponents. But do not forget that even in this case, you do not see opponents , so when you exit the invisibility mode, you may stumble upon another opponent. Or you will come across some experienced player who foresees the place in which you will try to hide.

It is almost always worth activating this skill in cases where fire was opened at you, but you have no idea which side the enemy is in. Try to do something like this:

  1. After the enemy has noticed you, and if you know which side he is, run away from him in a straight line.
  2. Activate the “Into the Void” skill so that the enemy thinks that you will continue to run away from him in a straight line.
  3. Turn around and go back a little, after which, if you’re lucky, you can be behind the enemy pursuing you.
  4. On the other hand, do not forget that newbies are not so well aware of Wraith’s abilities, so many may think that you see them in stealth mode.

Activating this skill not only makes you invisible, but also absorbs any steps and sounds you make . This is logical, since Rafe does not just wear the cloak of invisibility like a Mirage, but moves to another dimension.

How to use the Rift Ultimate

Ulta Wraith called “The Rift” allows her to manipulate space and place two teleporters on the ground. Go through one to find yourself in another. This will allow you, for example, to quickly go to a safe place. You can also use the teleport network to lure opponents into a trap (with your allies waiting for him in ambush).

It is advisable to use Rift before reviving teammates . After respawning, they can immediately jump into the portal and go to a safe location, away from the scene of the firefight.

When you first activate the ult, you leave the first portal, after which, within 30 seconds, you need to get to the second position and activate another teleport to create a network for fast movement.

For example, if your squad finds itself in a hopeless situation, locked in a dead end, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Create the first portal where you were locked.
  2. Activate the skill “Into the Void” and in stealth mode move to a potentially safe place.
  3. Break out of invisibility and create a second portal that will allow your team to retreat. By the way, another portal can be created even where the enemy is directing fire at you. That is, from a seemingly hopeless situation, you abruptly go on the offensive and literally storm the enemy.
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