How to play Steam games on Smart TV

Almost all Smart TVs come prepared to install the Steam Link application , but even if not, there are different methods that will allow you to play Steam games on your PC on a Smart TV , and that without having to physically connect the PC. to TV to do it. Do you want to know how? Coming up next, we tell you.

Steam has long been the benchmark platform for PC gaming, and one of the reasons for having become it is – in addition to the times of offers and its extensive catalog – the great versatility it gives users to use. For that reason, in this tutorial we are going to assume that you have a PC, that you have Steam, and that you obviously have games in your Steam library to be able to play them on the Smart TV (and beware because not all of them are compatible ).

So if you want to play your Steam games on your home TV, but without having to move your PC from one side to another, follow our advice, which we give you below and they will be very useful to be able to play. from the couch to the latest to your favorite PC games.

Previous steps: Remote play and configure the controller

The first step is to open Steam on your PC and check that you have Remote Play active. To do this, simply go to Steam -> Parameters and in the Remote Play tab, make sure it is active.

Here you do not have to touch anything else, although it is advisable to set in the lower area where it says “Customer Settings” to “Good”, which is the best quality. It is recommended, by the way, that both the PC and the Smart TV are connected to the home network by cable for a better connection.

Now to connect the remote there are several options, but logically the Smart TV must be compatible with it. If the TV has Bluetooth, you must associate the remote, and if it does not have it, connect it by cable.

How to play Steam games on Smart TV

We have several different options to be able to play Steam games on a Smart TV, which will depend on what our configuration is.

Below we explain how to synchronize with each of the available options.

If the Smart TV supports Steam Link

If you have a modern Smart TV (or a not so modern Samsung) you have the native Steam Link application. You just have to install and start it on the TV, and it will automatically search your home local network for a PC that is running Steam (for which you will have to have the PC turned on and with Steam open, in addition to having enabled Remote play).

Once it searches and finds Steam devices on the network, it will only ask for a number to be confirmed to link the two devices, and you can start playing your Steam games directly on the TV.

If you have an Android TV

If you have a mini PC with Android TV, or a simple Chromecast, you also have the Steam Link application available and it works exactly the same way, although in this case you will have to synchronize or connect the remote to the Android TV instead of directly to the Smart TV. .

The application is the same that allows you to play Steam on an Android smartphone, so you should not have any configuration problems if you have already tried streaming that way. That if, being the same platform inherits the same problems.

If you have an Apple TV or iPhone

Both the Apple TV and the iPhone also have a native application for Steam Link, which will allow us to carry out exactly the same process as in the previous cases.

In this case – which by the way Android smartphones also have – we can even do without the remote, playing compatible Steam games directly from the mobile screen.


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