how To Play Splitscreen In It Takes Two.

With the release of It Takes Two, co-op enthusiasts have another great title to dig into. There are puzzles to solve, bosses to beat, and a gripping story of newlyweds seizing the opportunity to enjoy themselves. However, it will be a moot point if you don’t know how to play splitscreen, use Friend Pass, and play online in It Takes Two.

That’s why we took the time to experience each game mode and compiled a guide on how to access all of It Takes Two’s co-op options. Below you’ll find step-by-step instructions for you to play the game, whether you’re next to someone on the couch or indulging in some shenanigans online.

All of the cooperative game modes in It Takes Two are accessible from the main menu.

How to play in split screen

If you want to play it through a split screen, you will need to choose Play Locally from the main menu. Then you can play with yourself and with another player who controls the main characters through joysticks connected directly to the console.

It takes two to play co-op online

Playing online is just as easy. All you need to do is select the Play Online option from the main menu and then select someone from your friends list.

If they own the game themselves, all they have to do is accept the request and jump into the game.

Use of the It Takes Two Friend pass

If they don’t have a copy of It Takes Two yet, you can send them a Friend Pass so they can play with you for free.

As for whether you can use online matchmaking to invite a random player to join the race, the answer is no. You can only play with someone with whom you are active friends.

Are the cooperative modes compatible between generations and cross-play?

It’s also worth noting that while the game’s multiplayer doesn’t support cross-platform, It Takes Two offers cross-generational cooperation.

This means that if you are playing on a PlayStation 5 and you want to invite a friend who owns a PlayStation 4, you can do so by following the instructions above.

Hope this clears up how to play split screen, use Friend Pass, and play online in It Takes Two . For more information on the game, see the articles below or visit our wiki.

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