How to play split screen in Fortnite

= There are video games that, to completely mark an era, must constantly reinvent themselves to implement new functions that amaze the large community of users who invest hours, effort and concentration in enjoying that wonder of the game.

How to Play Split Screen in Fortnite – PC, PS4, Switch, Android, iOS and Xbox

A look at the planet Fortnite

It can easily be said that Fortnite , is on the right track. This video game has appeared in the life of the gamer community at the right time, gaining a great popularity index due to the use that different celebrities have given it.

In addition to being attractive enough for tournaments of this game to be played. Are you joining an incredible journey through the world of Fortnite?

Trend since launch

The year 2017 would see the launch of one of the most controversial video games in recent years. An authentic survival game full of emotions, sharing with people from different parts of the world and in different styles of play.

Not even a month had passed when Fortnite had already added at least ten million people who enjoyed this game wonder every day. People of all ages have been included in the great fever that is this hilarious game.

Was something missing from this game?

Despite the enormous popularity that Fortnite had reached, players continued to feel that something could be missing that could make the game much more fun or interesting … if that was possible. In each update, he left all his fans breathless, however the company did not stop surprising.

And it came! The company in charge of the design and development of the game has found the right key and, since 2019, made available to its users the possibility of playing split screen , an update available for the different game platforms.

What does the “Split Screen” mode involve?

With this Fortnite update, the possibility was added for several players to participate in the same game from the same console . However, this is not a function it is not as easy to use as anyone would think.

Requirements to play split screen

Certain conditions apply to enjoy this extraordinary function that, without a doubt, was one of the most desired by the large community of users of this video game.

To begin with, it is important to note that the split screen function is only enabled for the PS4 and Xbox platforms . Therefore, the rest of the users who use this game through Nintengo Switch, Android, iOS and PC will have to wait a little longer.

  • Those who play Fortnite through Xbox must have an Xbox Live Gold subscription.
  • The second player must have a profile, either on the PlayStation or Xbox platform (if you don’t have one of these accounts, don’t worry, the registration process is completely free and fast).
  • Finally, you need an Epic Games account (registration process is also free and easy to do).

Split screen on PS4

As you will see, the process is a bit bureaucratic, but it will surely be worth it to marvel at the fun and entertainment that this feature provides. For PlayStation users, the process to follow is as follows:

  • Activate the primary and secondary profiles (by pressing the central button of the controller and entering the PlayStation ID from the main screen).
  • Once the game has started, the second player must press and hold the X button on their controller to join.
  • The second player will be shown in the main room and it only remains to start the game.

Process for Xbox

The way to activate this feature on Xbox is somewhat different, but just as simple. When activating the first profile, the second controller must press the central Xbox button to activate theirs using the option ” add guest “.

Once the game has started, the second controller will press the A button so that its character appears in the main room. And, as in PS4, it would only be necessary to start the game.

Hours of fun guaranteed!

Despite an easy, albeit bureaucratic, registration and eligibility process, this feature guarantees Fortnite users on the platforms described above a very exciting new way to marvel at one of the best games today . To enjoy!



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