How to play Roblox?

Roblox is the new sensation that is giving what to talk about. It is positioned in the same category as Minecraft and Fortnite. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, keep reading to find out what it is and how you can play.

What is Roblox and How Can You Play on Roblox? What kind of Game is it?

It does not matter if you are a child or if you are an adult who wants to rest from the daily routine with a little fun. Roblox encompasses a considerable number of players and developers who want to make money.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online multiplayer game where users can socialize. Each player can create infinities of worlds with building materials. The worlds have a game with its own mechanism and specific rules.

Although it is presented as a construction game like Minecraft, it has a different proposal. Change the physics of movement and the rules, to have an original game as a final result.

There are currently more than 100 million registered players on the platform. You can play it on mobile devices with Android, iOS or on PC, Mac, Amazon Decives, Xbox One, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

You can download the game for free. Although there are some elements within the game that are paid. In fact, it has its own virtual currency called Robux, to make payments.

Is there a minimum age to play Roblox?

Any user regardless of age can create an account on Roblox and participate in games, chats and groups. In a place focused on encouraging the construction and design of games through interaction.

Although it is a game approved by Common Sense Media for children ages 10 and up, parental guidance is recommended. It is an open game where predators can contact the little ones.

In this case, it is best to activate the game’s security settings . This limits the way children interact with other users and who can contact them.

How to play Roblox?

  • Enter the website
  • Login with your data
    • If you have not yet created an account sign up
    • Enter your date of birth, username, password and gender
    • Press the Register button
  • Edit your profile
  • Choose a world that you have available
  • The first time you log in, you have the option to configure your avatar . Customize the image as you prefer
  • Check your contact list, groups and inventory
  • If you need to buy something, the game store is available at the top of the screen. You can add items to the avatar you just created, such as clothing, accessories, hair, and a face.
  • Now you are ready for action. Select the Games option to see all that are available. Segment between the most popular and the best rated.
  • Choose one and read the previous description. When you are sure which one you want, press the Start Playing button .

Make money with Roblox

As if the ability to create diverse worlds was not already attractive enough, you can also make money with Robox. Game developers create content as very sophisticated gaming experiences.

Much of the content that is available on the platform is intended to be monetized . Many have become millionaires thanks to the content they create becoming famous .

You can make Roblox your job and create content full time . This is the reason why the game also generates interest in adults.

Using Robux

The virtual currency of the game is used to buy and sell content, either for your games or your avatar. The elements of the game can be sold at quite attractive prices that you can later exchange for real money.

The items are managed by a supply and demand system. Saying that the price of the products may vary depending on their rarity or popularity.

Players can purchase the premium subscription . With it they can buy, sell and exchange Robux for real money. There are currently three levels:

  • $ 5 – 450 Robux monthly
  • $ 10 – 1000 Robux monthly
  • $ 20 – 2200 Robux monthly

One of the benefits of acquiring the membership is to get an additional 10% with the purchase. As long as you acquire a better level, you will obtain greater benefits.


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