How to play original Counter Strike on your Android phone

The online video game , Counter Strike, is undoubtedly one of the most popular shooters of all time . His clearest example, his latest and fourth version; Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which came out in 2012 but still has thousands of daily users apart from new updates and large-scale competitive events.

Today, however, we will talk about its version 1.6, which is not the oldest but together with Global Offensive one of the most popular. Although Counter-Strike is originally a video game for PC, XBOX and PlayStation, today it adds a new “platform” to the list: Android .

Counter Strike 1.6 now on your Android mobile

It is all thanks to Alibek Omarov , a GitHub user who has found a stable way to play the official Counter Strike 1.6 on an Android mobile, that is, not an imitation of the video game, but the same game that we run on our computer , for example.

A fundamental requirement to play it, but, is to buy the game for PC through the Steam platform . Currently, the pack Counter Strike and Counter Strike: Condition Zero costs about ten euros. If you already have it purchased and downloaded, continue with the procedure:

Instructions to play Counter Strike on your mobile

  • We move the content of the Counter Strike game from our PC to the memory of our device. Normally, this content is located in the path “C: / ProgramFiles / Steam / steamapps / common”, specifically, the “cstrike” and “valve” folders. Once copied to our mobile, we delete any .PAK file that begins with “touch” or “vgui”, inside the cstrike folder.
  • Now we move on to install the Counter Strike client on our mobile. It’s a normal .APK file , which you can find in the download section below. If your device has a single processor, you must install the “omp” version, while if your mobile is multicore , download the “noomp” version.
  • Next, we will install the necessary engine to run this Counter Strike. It is the application called Xash3D, which you can also find to download for free in the download section.
  • To launch the game, we simply open this Xash3D engine and select the location where we have copied the game folders from our computer, and click on “Launch Xash3D”.


GitHub | Counter Strike 1.6 Client (Multi-Core)

GitHub | Counter Strike 1.6 Client (Uni-Core)

GitHub | Xash3D

Steam | Counter Strike 1.6 (9.99 euros)

Ready! For better or for worse, we will be playing the mythical Counter Strike 1.6 on our mobile, with all that this means : a bit of lag and a screen full of touch buttons, specifically 20 different buttons, in addition to the minimap.

Even so, it is a luxury to play an official and direct version of Counter Strike in our gadgets in a fairly simple and fast way


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