How to play No Man’s Sky [Beginner’s Guide]

Exploration of the galaxy; learn how to play No Man’s Sky and see all the information needed for a space traveler.

Random scenario creation is the biggest premise of the space exploration game. See below how to play No Man’s Sky and become a great galaxy explorer. The game involves survival, fundraising and building equipment in environments isolated by spatial silence.

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How to play No Man’s Sky (Image: No Man’s Sky / Disclosure)

1. Where to play No Man’s Sky?

The space exploration game is available for Windows , PS4 , PS5 , Xbox One and Series X computers. On PSN the game was one of the most downloaded in 2020, on Live Xbox it was already available on Game Pass , which greatly increased the number of players, especially online.

2. Game modes in No Man’s Sky

Basically there are 2 modes of play, the single player where even exploring the lost planets of the galaxy, other players will be able to enter your game session. Even so, the number of scenarios is so vast that it is difficult to come across one on your journey.

The second mode is Multiplayer, where the player joins matches hosted by his friends or he can be the host himself. Playing with friends makes it easier to complete tasks cooperatively.

3. A player in No Man’s Sky

When deciding to start space exploration on your own, 4 modes are presented to suit the goals and styles of players.

  • Normal: this mode is the basic in No Man’s Sky, an infinite journey, where exploration has no borders, but survival conditions will be necessary, such as protection against heat and radiation, construction of facilities and search for supplies;
  • Survival: the second level of challenge, the number of climatic storms is greater, hostile inhabitants, a smaller inventory to carry their supplies and higher construction costs;
  • Permanent death: as with survival, everything here is more difficult. The difference lies in the disappearance of the character in the event of death. As soon as the player dies, the saved game is automatically deleted;
  • Creation: the famous sandbox, everything is free, feel like a god. The player takes no damage and has no cost to create equipment and supplies.

4. Watch for climate change

In the first 3 single-player game modes, this tip is extremely important. Some planets have high temperatures, others have a high level of radiation in the environment, all completely harmful to the player.

The space suit is his great armor (Image: Leandro Kovacs / Reproduction)

The explorer has a protective suit, used for space travel, however, when exposed to both heat and radiation, the level of protection decreases with time. If protection ends, the player begins to take direct damage to his health bar.

While doing the missions and expedition on the planet, it is necessary to seek the substance “Na” to consume and raise its level of protection again.

Eventually, storms fall on the planets, in these situations the protective suit loses its strength quickly, the best solution in these cases is to seek underground shelter or inside the base tent, which needs to be built by the player.

5. Tutorial is extremely important in No Man’s Sky

In any game, for the beginner, this is a fact. But in No Man’s Sky the tutorial can be the difference between life and death. In single player modes, the initial missions follow a sequence where basic survival information is taught to the player.

In the midst of chaos and the need for survival, some players may just follow instructions and not really learn how a particular action works. If it happens, in the pause menu, there is the “Guide” tab, where all the information will be concentrated, everything you need to know to survive is there.

The guide in the pause menu will save your life countless times (Image: Leandro Kovacs / Reproduction)

6. Become an accumulator in No Man’s Sky

As we have already mentioned, certain substances and minerals are important for the explorer’s construction and survival. The second point is that your inventory is not unlimited, so collect, whenever possible, the basic substances for your survival, minerals and building materials, can be acquired at the time of the mission.

Being alive is more important. Sometimes the substances needed for protection and life are not as abundant or are far from their current position. Keeping these items can make the difference from arrival to the point of purchasing a new supply. The game is exploratory, but remember to survive.

With these tips it is already possible to know how to play No Man’s Sky, beginners will not be lost and will be able to investigate the most hidden locations of the galaxies. Good exploration!


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