How to play Minecraft with Vegetta777? – What Minecraft does Vegeta777 play?

Minecraft is one of the best games in the world. This is so so, that many YouTube content creators saw their rise thanks to this title. One of them was everyone’s favorite Vegetta777. So with that in mind, today the question will be answered : How to play Minecraft with Vegetta777?

How to Play Minecraft with Vegetta777? – What Minecraft Does Vegeta777 Play?

If you are a fan of this incredible YouTuber today you will finally find out if you can play with him or not on a server (this is the dream of many children and even adults). Since, this player is literally one of the foundations or fundamental pillars of the Spanish and even Latin American Minecraft community.

How to play Minecraft with Vegetta777

In order not to be dishonest, we must answer the initial question of How to play Minecraft with Vegetta777 ?, from the  beginning. And the truth is that yes and no.

This YouTuber plays Minecraft on private servers, for example in the karmaland series (which is one of the most famous out there at the moment), Vegetta plays with other big YouTuber like Lolito and Rubiusomg on a server created by him ( You can also create and open a Minecraft or Minecraft Pe server in athermes for example, or in any other page that serves for this).

Although it has been said that one day fans will be able to enter the map once the series ends, today it cannot be played on this exclusive server (you can only see the direct ones from YouTube and Twitch).


However, there may be a way for you to fulfill your dreams. Vegeta from time to time does direct in which he plays with fans to different game modes in Minecraft. To be in the games where he is, you just have to keep an eye on his twitter or social networks, since there he uploads the announcements of the direct ones he will do with followers.

If it’s not like that, you may never be able to play with Vegeta, at least Minecraft. It’s all about if you have enough patience and faith to wait for some magical live show that can include you, remember that these Internet characters are also human and have lives of their own, so don’t despair.

What Minecraft does Vegetta777 play?

Now, with the above, the question How to play Minecraft with Vegetta777? Was answered, but at the beginning another question was also raised which was, which version of this title does this man play.

This is very important to know, because if you ever have the opportunity to play with him you will want to have the version compatible with his game. Vegetta obviously has the Premium version of Minecraft , which you can get in the official store of it (with it you can create a premium Minecraft account ).

In his most recent series (karmaland), he uses Minecraft 1.7.2, since it is the one that has the best compatibility with the mods they use (which are many). However, what is recommended is always to update Minecraft to the latest version , and if one day you have the chance to play (on PC) with vegetta, then at that moment download the one read previously.


In case you want to use the same mods to play with friends, look for the packs that are online and add them to your Minecraft, that way you can create your own version of the vegeta series and with this have fun like him (you can also search what are the best mods that I can download ? , to have more options).

With that, the question has already been answered, which Minecraft does vegeta777 play ?, and also doubts about the question How to play Minecraft with Vegetta777?

Although it may not be what you expected, do not lose faith that in the future you can meet this YouTube character. Take the tips you read today and use them to improve your chances and in case you never can, then become the best youtuber yourself.


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