How to Play Legends of Runeterra Open Beta

The Legends of Runeterra open beta is available from January 24 and there are already many players who enjoy the new card game from Riot Games . The creators of League of Legends have not yet given an official release date, but you can try this version for PC with a few simple steps. In this guide we are going to explain how you can access the beta from your own computer, although in the future it will also come for the iOS and Android operating systems.

If you’re a regular League of Legends player, this won’t come as a surprise to you. Indeed, you do not need to create a new account to play Legends of Runeterra . On the official game page, use your username and password to access your account from the [Play now] button. Once inside, you can download the game by following all the instructions. An icon will be created on your desktop with which you can start the game. So when you open it, you will have to enter your name and password again to start the session.

Finally, you will have to wait a bit until Riot Games activates your account to freely access this beta. They will send a notification to the email provided to give permissions and then you can play Legends of Runeterra . If you do not have a Riot account (the League of Legends account is already a Riot account), you will have to create a new one by clicking on [Play now] and follow the same steps as described below.

How to download the Legends of Runeterra beta: step by step

  1. Enter the web .
  2. Log in with your username and password(Riot account) on the [Play Now] button.
  3. Click [Download game] and save the file to your PC.
  4. Open the installer and follow the steps.
  5. When you log in for the first time, enter your account again and wait for confirmation from Riot.

What is Legends of Runeterra?

Riot Games took advantage of the 10th anniversary to present Legends of Runeterra, a strategy card game set in the lore of League of Legends. So the characters, champions and other MOBA creatures will be very present in these cards. The player will compete against another opponent in turn-based combat and will be able to build their own decks with characters from the different regions of Runeterra, each with their own play style and strategies. There will be many opportunities to get free playing cards or they can be purchased in the store.

With Legends of Runeterra, Riot wants to strike a balance between accessibility and deep strategy. And of course, offer a game with much more decision power to get cards. The new Riot title is totally free , although it has two different currencies in the game: the fragments, which are obtained in the games, and the coins, which are bought with real money. Experience will be everything in this game and as the player completes missions, new cards can be unlocked .


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