How to Play Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Started the game now and are lost in what to do? So come discover some tips for playing Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an action-adventure game and the first game from Ember Lab studio. The player controls Kena, a spirit guide whose mission is to help the souls of the deceased to go to the other world. Played in third person, the young woman can use her staff and friendly creatures (the Rots) to perform tasks and defeat enemies. Has the adventure started now? So take a look at some basic tips on how to play Kena: Bridge of Spirits .

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How to play Kena: Bridge of Spirits (Image: Press Release/Ember Lab)


  • Use the staff’s “radar” to explore
  • Use and abuse your bow and arrow
  • Stop more powerful attacks
  • Activate Rot powers whenever you can
  • Destroy red plants that create enemies
  • Explore for more Rots

1. Use the staff’s “radar” to explore

The staff used by Kena is very versatile and allows you to activate different abilities. And one of the first skills the character will learn is the ability to use the weapon to create a kind of radar. The energy pulse emanating from the item has several functions, the main one being to highlight points of interest, besides serving as an ignition to activate some mechanisms.

As, when exploring the world, you can’t know exactly everything that might be a potential point of interest, or even an item to interact with energy, the tip is to use the wrist of the staff regularly. It can also help guide you to the next objective in case you get lost.

2. Use and abuse your bow and arrow

Another very useful skill Kena will learn is using an energy bow and arrow along with the staff. Once you get this skill, a whole new world of possibilities will open up for you. Besides being used as a weapon to detonate orbs of corruption, for example, use the bow to shoot and interact with various elements in the scenario.

Some of these elements, even, can only be activated with an arrow. The arrows will also help Kena drop fruit to feed the Rots, as well as shoot vases with items and crystals that will unlock the pets’ transformations. Ah, shooting an arrow at some specific locations will make Kena teleport too.

3. Stop more powerful attacks

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a beautiful game and looks like something out of a Pixar cartoon. But understand that not everything will be a Disney ride, just because of the charming scenarios. Combats against bigger opponents can take some work and enemies, especially during boss fights, will require a little more strategy.

That said, it’s sometimes tricky to dodge some attacks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to stop them. Over time it will be possible to identify when a monster is preparing to unleash a more powerful charge. So, when you see that an enemy is getting too ready for an action, this is your time to attack first and prevent him from finishing his move. Be aggressive in combat and attack early whenever you have a breach.

How to play Kena: Bridge of Spirits (Image: Press Release/Ember Lab)

4. Activate Rot powers whenever you can

We can say that Kena’s “specials” involve encouraging the little Rots to perform some actions in combat, such as increasing the damage capacity or even hindering the opponents so that the protagonist can find an opening for critical hits.

When I said encourage it was in the literal sense, as the fluffy acorns aren’t very brave. To unlock one of these specials, you’ll first need to fill up your courage meter, either by finding yellow colored orbs or hitting enemies.

This meter fills up relatively quickly, so you don’t need to skimp on your courage to use it at a more critical time. When you feel the difficulty in a fight starting to increase, release the power of the Rots to submit a faster opponent. Don’t go through unnecessary squeezes.

5. Destroy red plants that create enemies

The game doesn’t make that clear to you, but early on in the adventure Kena will encounter some demonic-looking red plants called the Deadzone Heart. Destroying them will purify a certain region.

The point is that these plants are also spawn points for some monsters during combat. So one of your priorities is to kill them right away. Wait for the courage meter to fill and detonate a Rot special in the underworld vegetable. You can also use your bow and arrow and shoot these plants.

6. Explore for more Rots

To help Kena in her mission as a spirit guide, the young woman needs to increase her “collection” of Rots. The little creatures are scattered around the world just waiting for someone to rescue them. A tip to find the animals is to pay attention to the purple color in the scenery. Use the staff’s pulse ability to help make it stand out, if appropriate.

It’s not guaranteed, but investigate runes, mushrooms and flowers that have a purple color somewhere. Take a look at this area and sometimes the Rot that accompanies you will help you find new friends too.

If you’re playing on the controller, it will vibrate as you approach a place where a Rot is hiding, and later in the gameplay, you’ll unlock a mask that will make your search for little creatures even easier.

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