Modern consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, tend to be more social than in the past, giving the opportunity to play with friends, as well as to see what they are doing. However, there may be circumstances where one prefers to remain anonymous, which is why they want to play in invisible or offline mode. Next we will explain the process to carry out on Nintendo Switch.


  • Find out how to play Incognito Mode on Nintendo Switch
  • Enter the profile
  • Enter user settings – Friend settings
  • Who can see your status?
  • Hide the history

Nintendo switch

Find out how to play Incognito Mode on Nintendo Switch

In order to play Nintedo Switch  in Incognito or Offline Mode, you will need to follow a series of very specific steps. In the same way, prior to this, you will need the basics of the system:

Nintendo Switch  (you cannot change it from another compatible system such as smartphone applications).

Internet connection.

A profile created on the console.

That said, you can find below a series of images that will guide you step by step:

Nintendo switch

1. Enter the profile

First you have to enter your profile or, failing that , which want to switch to incognito  / Not Connected . To do this, click on the sphere with your icon that you have in the upper left corner of the home screen. Once this is done, you will be in your profile, being able to see here the same information to which your added friends will have access.

Nintendo switch

As you can see in the image above, on the screen of the Nintendo Switch Friends List  you can see both their disconnection time as well as what your companions are playing. This is precisely the information that will be hidden once you have finished this tutorial (although the method is reversible). That said, in order to continue you just have to follow the next step.

Nintendo switch

2. Enter user settings – Friend settings

Once you have decided to configure the Nintendo Switch account in Incognito / Offline Mode , enter the User Settings option , which can be seen at the bottom of the left bar. Once inside, you will have to go to Friends Settings , also in sight, and select the homonymous option here. Also, if you want to take the opportunity to modify the data of your profile, be it nickname or icon, you can do it on this same screen, only in the upper options.

Nintendo switch

3. Who can see your status?

Once here, you will see that the first option at the start asks you directly who can see your status, for which you will have the All Friends option by default . Click here so that the screen changes to the one you have just below these lines.

Nintendo switch

In this way, you will only have to put none so that no one else can see you connected. It is worth mentioning that from this moment you will go to the end of your friends list in a state of “Offline”, so they will not be able to see anything about your situation with Nintendo Switch . However, the thing does not end here, since if you want to be completely disappeared, you will have to do one last thing.

Nintendo switch

4. Hide the history

Finally, the last step is to select the Option Who can see your history? , where you will find an option identical to the previous one. Simply select None and you will be hidden in every way.


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