How to play GTA 5 Pop Life easily?

Of all the servers or mods in the game, GTA 5 Pop Life is one of the most popular, even for today’s streamers, for its style and features that it provides to the latest installment from Rockstar Games.

Download the official version of the game from Steam

Without exceptions, to be able to play GTA 5 Pop Life, you must have the official copy of the game, which you can get from the developer’s official store, called “Rockstar Warehouse”, where you can also get other releases of the franchise.

That said, you must enter the page by making a quick query in the browser, and find the entry link. Once there, you have to enter creating a new user and linking the means of payment (credit card). Use one of the fastest browsers like Chrome and check the loading speed of the web page to avoid problems.

Then, access the Grand Theft Auto collection from the left menu of the screen in the form of three parallel lines, where you can see the link that will take you to those copies of the games, and locate the latest release of the saga.

Now you just have to add it to the shopping cart, and from there complete the movements to acquire a copy, which after downloading, you must install on your computer to complete the first step of this tutorial to play GTA 5 Pop Life.

Another way to get this game is by buying it in the Amazon virtual store , you do have an account already created, if not, you can still get one with a simple registration that will take you a few minutes.

Enter GTA 5 Pop Life using FiveM

Now, to be able to play GTA 5 Pop Life you need to have the FiveM client available , with which you can play an online game without having to resort to the official Rockstar servers.

What precisely is the FiveM? This is a program that takes the emulation of an individual game , and transfers it to an environment of connection with external servers, using a code or netcode similar to that used by the developer.

Download the FiveM client

Downloading this client is relatively simple, just find the official site from Google , typing its name and pressing “Enter” to view the results.

When you find the portal, you will see that, on the right side of the screen, a red button will be displayed that will say “Download Client” which, when pressed, will automatically proceed with the download of the client by indicating that you agree with the user license .

Thus, the download will begin with just a few megabytes and, upon completion, you start it in administrator mode. This will begin to make the relevant downloads and adjustments so that it can work correctly (which may take).

Find the server to play Pop Life

In this way, you have already arrived at the important thing, and technically you have already done everything complicated, which was to download the game and get the client that will connect you to the GTA 5 Pop Life servers.

To access them you must open FiveM and keep it that way, now, you must go back to the page where you downloaded this program, and then access the list of servers from the menu in the upper right corner.

When entering the tab “Servers” you will see a new window with a large list of worlds that you can enter, and where you will also see a search bar, in which you will write the following: “Pop Life” to find the servers of this style.

Access the Pop Life world

Consequently, to be able to access any of these Pop Life style worlds, you just have to click on any of the ones shown below, which will open a separate section with all its data, and where you will see the button ” Connect ” to enter.


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