How to play Google Doodle of the Olympic Games

On the occasion of the Olympic Games, Google has put the Doodle Champions Island Games, an entertaining game for you to enjoy competing in some of the most popular Olympic sports. If you do not want to miss the opportunity to play a game and show your skills, we will tell you how to play Google Doodle of the Olympic Games from your mobile.

The Doodle of Google are fun animations and games that Google takes to commemorate certain dates. On the occasion of the Tokyo Olympics, Google has just released a very fun and sporty Doodle.

In this video game the seven sports champions rule the island. You have to find seven red bows and in each of them play a sport to restore balance to the island by defeating these seven champions.

To know how to play the Google Doodle of the Olympic Games from your mobile, the first thing you have to do is open your mobile browser and go to . Then at the top you will see the Doodle. Click on the orange icon in the form of a play button.

The Doodle will open in full screen and will show you an introductory video that you can skip if you want by clicking on the triangles that you have in the lower right part of the screen. Now you will see that a mascot very similar to Miraitowa, the mascot of the Tokyo games, appears.

This pet is your player. To control it you have two white circles , one on the left side of the screen and one on the right. The circle on the left makes the pet move, the one on the right executes actions. Move the circle on the right up so that the mascot enters the Olympic village.

When you go up you get to the area of ​​the statues . Approaching each one of them will tell you the name of the champion and also from each of them the path to the arc is marked where you can compete in that sport.

These are the champions and the sports you can play in:

  • Kijimuna is the current marathon championthat you must win. To do this, follow the path and enter the game you must reach the goal first, beating your rivals and also the obstacles that arise.
  • Tanuki is the skateboarding champion. To take the title from him, follow the path and reach the arch. Once there, click on the action button to start the challenge. Make your pet earn a lot of points by showing his skills with the skateboard, jump and spin with the action button.
  • Red Oni and Blue Oni are the rugby champions. Try to take their job away from them. To do this, you will play with your pet and five other friends and you will have to pass the rugby ball and avoid obstacles until you cover 100 m without the Oni catching you or taking you out of the field.
  • Tengu is the table tennis champion. You have to compete against him to beat him and get the title. It will not be easy as you earn points, more balls will appear on the screen, try to answer as many as you can and accumulate power for the masterstroke.
  • Fukuro is the great climbing champion. To overcome him you must climb a mountain leaning on the elements that appear to you, but be careful Fukuro throws rain or snowballs to make the ascent difficult.
  • Yoichi is the archery champion. You see up to his bow to challenge him. You must shoot all the targets that appear floating in the lake. The more you give, the more points you will get. Also take advantage of explosives to eliminate various targets.

Now that you know how to play the Google Doodle of the Olympic Games from your mobile, practice until you snatch the championship titles and become the Olympic Doodle champion.

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