How to play Genshin Impact without launcher on PC?

The developer Genshin Impact has created his own launcher in order to update the game in time and initialize its launch. This method is used by many developers, it is really convenient and has a number of undeniable advantages. First of all, to install the game, the user needs to download a small launcher in a few seconds. The launcher will automatically download all the necessary files and updates, after which it will allow you to enter the Genshin Impact. But the launcher often hides various problems and errors. Players simply cannot enter their favorite game, since the launcher does not connect to its servers or issues other software errors.

How do I run Genshin Impact without a launcher?

If you have a problem when starting the game and this problem comes from the launcher, then you can bypass this procedure. In fact, the system works in a fairly simple way. When the launcher has downloaded and installed all the files, a special folder with the game is created in the system. The same directories create games that work without a launcher. This folder has everything you need to run the executable file without resorting to the functionality of the launcher itself, which issues problems.

To initiate a manual launch of Genshin Impact, you need to do the following:

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and select “Task Manager”.
  2. In the Processes tab, find Genshin Impact and stop the process. It is important that the game and launcher are completely disabled.
  3. Right-click on the launcher icon on the desktop.
  4. Select “File Location” to go to the directory where the game itself is installed.
  5. In this directory, find a folder called Genshin Impact Game.
  6. Find the file “GenshinImpact.exe” in this folder and double-click on it.

The game should start without a launcher. But this method will only work if you have the latest version of the game installed, which does not require updating. If updates are required, but the launcher does not work, then manual update can be used. You need to download the updated game, drop it into the main folder and start it again in the same way. If you do not want to engage in such manual procedures, then you should solve the problem with the launcher. How to solve these problems depends on what kind of error occurred with the launcher. Everything can be corrected by yourself, resorting to the help of expert articles.


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