How to play Garena Free Fire with console

Video games are a very good way to pass our time, especially in these times when we can be a bit bored. There are many games that we can find available, it is best to find the one that best suits our tastes.

How Can I Play Garena Free Fire with a Console Controller or PC

One of the most liked categories is multiplayer, within these categories, many excellent games have emerged lately. Among those Garena Free Fire , a very entertaining action and adventure video game .

In this game we can connect with friends and create fantastic games, the general gameplay of the game is very good, as well as the interface it presents. For this reason it is one of the most played games in the world.

How can I play Garena Free Fire with a console or PC controller?

Garena Free Fire is a game designed mainly for iOS and Android operating systems, we can download it from their official stores. If we want to play this game on our PC we can also do it, downloading an emulator on our computer will be very easy to play it.

When it comes to playing this fantastic game, we may wish to be able to do it through some console controls , to make the experience much more attractive. In this article we will learn how to play Garena Free Fire with a console or PC controller.

By means of a few simple steps indicated below, we can install the command of our console on the PC and play Garena Free Fire. You must be on the lookout for updates . Keep in mind that to do this, we must previously have an emulator installed on our PC and the game downloaded.

Steps to install my console controller on PC to play Garena Free Fire

The first thing we must do is enter our trusted browser, there we go to the search bar located at the top. We select it and go to the official website of the application that will help us carry out this action . In this case, it is Xpadder .

This is the software that we must download to install our remote on the PC. After the program is completely downloaded, we go to the downloads folder and install it.

We follow all the corresponding steps to perform the installation process properly and wait until the installation process is complete. After it finishes, the Xpadder program will open automatically.

The next step will be to take our command and connect it to the PC , either via USB or Bluetooth, the program will automatically recognize it. The next step is to click on the yellow line with the name of our command.

A new window will open, in this we must select the Open option , enter the images folder, select the image of our command or the one that most closely resembles. In this way, that image will be placed in the two Xpadder windows that we have open.

In the tools on the left we can begin to select the options to configure the command . Each time we select an option the program will tell us what to do, in the other tab we drag each button to the specific part of the remote.

After we have configured the control, we go to the emulator of our PC and open the Free Fire game and start playing. Finally, we click on the keyboard on the right side and begin to configure the controller from the game and from Xpadder.

Steps to install the controller of my console on Android to play Free Fire

We must open the Play Store and download the Octopus application , it is important that our remote has Bluetooth to be able to link it with our device. We go to our device and link the remote with our Android.

Finally, we open Free Fire from the Octopus application , start a game and select the Octopus symbol. In this way, we can start to configure our command, as we see fit.


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