How to play from a flash drive on XBOX 360

Recently, the owners of consoles are increasingly faced with the question of where to get funds for all the new items that you want to play. Discs are becoming more expensive, and interesting games are released quite often, so playing on Xbox from a flash drive can be one of the ideal solutions. Unfortunately, in order to run the game from a USB drive, you need to change the console firmware.

Xbox 360 Factory Firmware comes with security and regional lock systems that prevent you from playing games you download and can cause problems with discs that are not labeled for the region where the console was purchased. For example, discs distributed in the CIS will not work with American and Japanese consoles.

In order to get rid of these inconveniences and be able to play on Xbox from a flash drive, you will need to install the Freeboot firmware. It fits all consoles manufactured before 2014, including the XBOX 360 Slim Corona 9.6A. Flashing services are provided in most cities, so if your console has not yet been flashed, look for an opportunity to do it in your city.

Downloading the game to a USB flash drive

If your console already has Freeboot firmware, it will be easy to follow these steps yourself.

  1. Format the USB flash drive in the system To do this:
    • connect a USB flash drive and right-click on its icon in Explorer;
    • select “Format”, in the “File system” field select “FAT32”;
    • click “Start”.

Remember: formatting will delete all data from the drive!

  1. Create a folder “GAMES”, in it – folders for games that you are going to download to the USB flash drive. Remember that the root folder should have exactly this name, and the folders with games should be named only in the English layout, without using special characters!
  2. You will need to download and install the WX360software and the disc image of the game you intend to run on the console. After installing the program, load the image with the desired game into it, then, holding CTRL, select all the files that you see in the list, except for “$ Systemupdate”, click “Extract” and unpack the game into the appropriate folder on the USB-drive.
  • If the program does not read the desired image, it’s okay. This means that the image does not fit the Freeboot firmware and needs to be converted. To do this, you need to download and install ISO2GOD, run it and open the image in it using the “Add ISO” button. Select the desired image, the folder where the converted version will be written and click “Save ISO”. The image will appear in the list and you can convert it.

After you finish recording your game, safely remove the drive. Now you can start the game from the flash drive on the Xbox.

Launching the game on the console

  1. Insert the USB stick and run the program
  2. Select Game Discovery Mode. As soon as the program finishes scanning the USB flash drive, you will see a list of your downloaded games.
  3. Run the one you want and enjoy!

Now you know how to run a game from a flash drive on Xbox 360. This method will help you save money and nerves, it is as simple and convenient as possible. Do not forget that the flash drive must be large enough to fit all of your games.

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