How to play Fortnite Battle Royale? –

We explain the basics you should know when it comes to getting fully into the game. It is difficult to jump into a game with a lot of pro, but we will help you.Getting into a game where the fun is focused on competitive online is always tough. The first few games are frustrating, you die non-stop and you hardly have time to try to learn. That is why we believe that having a few little tips for those first matches can be very useful.

It will not take long for you to develop your own style of play, but surely with these little tips you will be able to endure more in front of those bloodthirsty experts who are waiting for chicken dinner. Or what everyone dines, of course.

Choose well the place from which you start

We started with this because, although at first you will surely not see its importance. But after a couple of games, you will understand that choosing the place where you want to start the game well is essential . You have to think about what you are used to doing, the most important thing is to take into account whether you have chosen an elevated area or not and act accordingly very quickly: do not be exposed to shooters who are higher than you for a long time.

Open all chests or use them to set traps

Always try to find the chests and safes that will be scattered around the map. They have valuable objects inside , which can be from simply resources to build, such as weapons. Of course, keep in mind that chests and safes with points where traps are usually set . Possibly, when you find a chest, you want to stay under cover for a couple of seconds, in case a bad move betrays someone on the prowl or you can hit someone greedy four times.

Try to get strong in the safe zone

Due to the way the game works, the survivors of each encounter will always end up in the central zone while fleeing the toxic zone . So getting to this area, delimited by a circle on the map, is a good way to prepare yourself to be the last survivor. Get here, build a base, hide on the lookout for potential victims … Realize that ultimately everyone ends up here. Of course, he thinks that, in theory, only the strongest will survive until the end .

Learn to play at all distances

Obviously, no weapon is perfect for any range . A rifle is a good weapon for medium and long range. A shotgun or pistol comes in handy for a deadly close-up assault. A submachine gun can be used to maintain sustained fire while you take cover. As much as you have a favorite weapon , trying to use it in any situation is the best way to end up dead.

Accumulate resources

Unlike other Battle Royale, one of the keys to Fortnite is that building is very important . From a ramp that allows you to climb to an elevated position to a wall behind which to take cover, or use as a screen to flee if we are at a disadvantage, take a potion …

Bases can be a big trap

The most normal thing is that, when you or an opponent manages to build a base , they are using it to take cover, especially if they are already in the Safe Zone. The problem is that it can be a fairly easy trap to set. Do not approach the enemy base by the most obvious route, because the owner of the building or another rival may be stalking whoever approaches and blow your head off. Keep in mind that you could do the same perfectly, yes.

Of course, later on you can think of tactics a little more elaborate, such as luring an enemy into your base and escaping through some hole that you have left completely on purpose, to fill their back with lead. This is more complicated to do, so be careful.

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