How to Play Dinosaur Game on Chrome

If you have ever run out of internet for any reason while using Google Chrome, you may have noticed a peculiarity and that is that since September 2014, Chrome automatically loads a very entertaining little arcade game called ” Chrome Dino Run “, which is an extremely simple game in “Infinite Runner” format whose purpose is to take control of a T-Rex dinosaur made of pixels, which runs and dodges a series of obstacles such as cacti, rocks and birds that are presented to as you progress across the map at increasing speed.

While it is true that looking for methods to fix the internet connection problem is a priority, it is also the fact that this game has become popular all over the world for being extremely extensive, there are those who say that the game has no end, other people say it does.

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  1. How can I access the dinosaur game in Chrome?
  2. Where can I download the Chrome dinosaur game on my phone?
  3. How else can I play with the dinosaur if I have internet?
  4. Dinosaur-like game alternatives in Chrome
    1. Kumamon runner
    2. Hello KuGou
    3. Novas Coisas

How can I access the dinosaur game in Chrome?

The game loads by default when you open the browser or try to open a page and you have no internet connection. Many people in their spare time simply deactivate their internet connection to access the game and try to accumulate as many points as possible.

There is also a way to access this entertaining game without having to deactivate the internet on your device, but we will talk about that a little later, so keep reading.

Where can I download the Chrome dinosaur game on my phone?

The game is available for both iOS and Android from the app stores belonging to each (App Store – Play Store), the requirements it requires to run are minimal and should not represent a concern for you, since it is an extremely basic game . You only have to enter the store and search for “Chrome Dino Run” and you will be able to see the game among the results, press install and in a short time you will have a direct access on your mobile so that you can directly access the game whenever you want.

How else can I play with the dinosaur if I have internet?

If you have the desire to play Chrome Dino Run, but you don’t want to deactivate your internet, but rather play for a while while you wait for a very heavy file to download for example, then just open a new tab in your Chrome browser and type ” chrome : // dino  in the address bar. It will immediately load the game and you can start playing without having to deactivate your internet connection

Dinosaur-like game alternatives in Chrome

You can always find alternatives to this addictive game on the internet, arcade games have been in high demand lately for their simplicity and little demand for resources. With some additional options and more challenging and entertaining challenges you can try these variants of Chrome Dino Run. Next we will mention 3 browser games that we have analyzed for you.

Kumamon runner

This is one of the most popular alternatives to Dino Run , this time you must guide a polar bear to jump all the ice cones that are on its way to reach the highest score. The controls are exactly the same as in the original Chrome game.

Hello KuGou

In this version of the game the main character is a friendly whale who must dodge the cacti in the almost infinite world of this runner-style game.

Novas Coisas

The Novas Coisas Runner variant has a small ninja as the protagonist , who must jump different colored obstacles while the speed increases and the number of obstacles also increases, be sure to try it.

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