How to play Clash Royale on PC

Clash Royale is a strategic video game produced by Supercell in 2016 for smartphones (available for iOS and Android) that is still very popular among the youngest. The characters of the game are the same as in clash of clans but the gameplay is very different; these are small multiplayer challenges in an arena. The challenges take place through cards that if used well will allow you to destroy the opponent, win trophies and then climb. During the course of the game you will be able to collect and improve dozens of cards with troops, spells and defenses from the clash of clans game. If you know this game, you have probably already wondered if it is possible to play Clash Royale on PC. This is because from PC you can better enjoy the game graphics and perform better attacks by having full control of the entire screen.

Unfortunately there is no version of this fantastic computer game but you can still play Clash Royale on PC thanks to a simple android environment emulator that you can easily (and above all for free) install on any PC. So you just have to dedicate a few minutes of your life to me and I assure you that soon you will already be playing Clash Royale on your home computer.

Play Clash Royale on PC

To play Clash Royale on PC while keeping the progress you have on smartphone, first you will need to verify that your account is connected to a Google Play account . To do this from the mobile phone you normally use to play and open the Clash Royale game, go to the settings (by pressing the button with the symbol of a gear). From here you will have to go to the Account section ; then click on the button under Login with Google Play to connect. If you don’t have a google account, read this guide to create one on the fly.

By doing so you will have the synchronization of your Clash Royale account on the Google Play Store and you can also use it on PC. Now you just have to install a good android emulator on your PC; I strongly recommend Bluestack and you can install it in a few minutes by following  this guide . Bluestack is a perfect emulator to play android games and will allow you to play clash of clans pc with excellent performance.

There is also a version of Bluestacks already specially configured to play Clash Royale on PC (version with all the parameters already set) so if you don’t want to waste too much time changing the settings you can download it from this address  or go to the page of the emulator dedicated to this game and click the green button that says  Download Clash Royale for PC  to start the emulator download.

Once you have downloaded and installed Bluestacks, all you have to do is open it by clicking on its icon and press on the menu item on the left with written Engine  and set the CPU Core to 4 CPU  cores  on 4 and  Memory  to 2048 MB (by moving the slidebar); restart the eumaltor for the changes to take effect.

Now you will have to enter your google credentials (use the same ones you use on the mobile where you play Clash Royale) in order to synchronize the game. Open the Google Play Store and if prompted enter your google credentials. Search for the “Clash Royale” app and install it.

Here we are ! Now your Clash Royale profile will be synchronized automatically, you won’t have to do anything else, you are practically ready to play Clash Royale on PC; in fact the game will start automatically and you will be automatically prompted to load the saved game on your smartphone. In the unfortunate case that the Clash Royale synchronization did not start automatically, go to the Clash Royale settings in the game by clicking the gear icon and click on Account; press the button under Sign in with Google Play to connect.

Obviously, to download and play Clash Royale from the PC this must be connected to the internet. Once you have done everything you can play from the PC and the achievements will also be available on smartphones as the account used is unique.

So, to play Clash Royale on PC you need to install an Android emulator because this title is only available for smartphones; the best android emulator for playing smartphone games on PC is undoubtedly Bluestack.

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