How to play Clash Royale on PC for free online without downloading

The idea of ​​playing Clash Royale on PC was born from the desire of those who have become accustomed to the keyboard and mouse methodology. So some may not feel comfortable tapping through a mobile device screen.

As for Supercell, it has grown in popularity thanks to the fame its multiplayer has acquired. Thus causing its number of users to increase daily.

How to Play Clash Royale on PC for Free Online without Downloading

Currently Clash Royale has entered the categories of electronic games. Many professional players have started using it and broadcasting their games, in order to entertain and teach those who follow them .

This is another reason why the way to play Clash Royale on the PC has been sought. Streaming a game from a device is much more cumbersome than it sounds.

Therefore, they, like any other player, have implemented various tools to be able to enjoy this program from the comfort of the computer .

The reality is that achieving this is extremely simple, and does not require large configurations or installations to use it. Therefore, if you want to learn how to do it, continue reading this article.

Learn to play Clash Royale on PC through emulators!

You may have heard of emulators before. Those who are considered “intermediaries”. Being third party programs that work in the same way as a mobile device would , but on your PC. Their evolution has been such that you can even easily install them on your Mac .

Such is its capacity that these programs are developed based on the most common operating systems of these computers. Android being the most popular. Where its loyal players fight to obtain as many gems and chests as possible .

It should be noted that these software work directly with the RAM of the computer that you will use to play Clash Royale. So the state of the computer will directly influence the use of the emulator.

Since the Internet is a very insecure place at times, emulators are not the case. This is why we also recommend the following programs, in order to prevent you from downloading any malicious software that could harm you on your PC .


You may have heard of this program before, as it is one of the most popular among emulators on the market, and even one of the easiest to use.

This can be downloaded through its official website , which must be completed quickly due to its low weight. Once installed, all that remains is to start the program, which will instruct you to follow the same steps that you must complete when you register on a mobile device for the first time.

That is, enter the Google or Gmail email corresponding to your game account , open the Android store and download the program, in order to play Clash Royale on the PC.

Nox and MEmu Play

These emulators are not very different from the previous one. In fact, they are also highly recommended by the Internet community, and all thanks to their great utility. Considered among the best and lightest android emulators for Windows .

In the same way, they only require a previous installation and the personalized configuration that the user wishes to propose to the program, in order to improve its operability.

Both MEmu and Nox generate the same function with the Android operating system, working in a similar way as a mobile device , so it will only be necessary to log in and download the program to start playing.

Setting up the keyboard to play Clash Royale on PC

The purpose of using a computer is to speed up the use of the mouse , implementing the keys to select the cards, placing your army much faster than usual within the map.

Emulators are generally configured by default for this type of game, through the Keymapper that makes up its settings. In the case of BlueStacks, once you start the game, a notice will appear asking you to set a key to each card .

Once these adjustments have been completed, it will only be necessary to wait for the game to load to start enjoying this new mode within Clash Royale.


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