How to play Atari 2600

If you are over forty you cannot fail to know the glorious Atari 2600 ; it is one of the first consoles to enter homes around the world and withstood 15 years and for which about 550 video games have been produced. At the time, there was no Sony or Microsoft in the video game industry and Atari reigned supreme. Of the atari 2600 games some have really made the history of video games just think of Pitfall or Centipede. You can relive the gaming experience of those times even today thanks to one of the many emulators available for PC or even more simply through sites that offer the possibility to play online Atari 2600 titles.

In this guide, without getting lost in useless chatter, I will show you all the ways to play with Atari 2600 in a legal and free way.


  • How to play Atari 2600
    • Playing Atari 2600 Online
    • Atari 2600 Computer Emulator
    • Atari 2600 emulator for Android
    • Atari 2600 emulator for iPhone
    • Where to Download Atari 2600 games

How to play Atari 2600

Playing Atari 2600 Online

If you don’t want to download any atari 2600 emulator but want to relive the experience of playing with Atari 2600 then you can play online from any web browser thanks to the Internet Archive . From this site you can play all the Atari 2600 games directly via the web, you just have to choose the game and then click on its preview to start it. This site uses the Mame emulation plugin. For game controls you can use a controller or the number keys and the CTRL key as the fire key. This site is by far the best to play online or download the complete romset of atari 2600 games.

Another great site for playing Atari 2600 online and 2600online that allows you to play approximately 100 Atari 2600 titles directly from the browser. Games can be played using the keyboard and also in full screen.

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Atari 2600 Computer Emulator

Do you want to use your computer for atari 2600 games? Then I recommend you to download Stella which is by far the best atari 2600 emulator and is obviously free. Stella is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

To install stella on windows or mac download the relative version and follow the on-screen instructions, it’s all very simple. Once installed, open Stella and press on Options from here select the FullScreen item of Video if you want the atari 2600 games from this emulator to be full screen. To start a game you just have to navigate to the folder where your atari 2600 games are contained and click on the game rom.

This atari 2600 emulator reads all types of game rom files for which you can download them (below I will show you where to find the complete collection of atari 2600 games) and put them in a folder where you prefer.

Atari 2600 emulator for Android

Are you looking for an Atari 2600 emulator to play it from your Android smartphone? Then you can download the Emu2600 XL app directly from the Google Play Store. The app is free with advertising banners that can be eliminated by purchasing the paid version. The games are full screen and using a virtual controller. This app reads all the roms available for Atari 2600 and is by far the best Atari emulator for Android.

Atari 2600 emulator for iPhone

On iOS devices the situation is complicated because Apple has always not allowed to publish emulators of various platforms on the Apple store. There are very good emulators for iOS (for example Provenance) but to install them on your Apple smartphone you will have to venture into alternative stores and frankly it is not a very advisable practice.

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