How to Play Adventure Mode in Axie Infinity

Lately Axie Infinity has gained more fame, more people are making this online game their way of working . Especially in countries where it is difficult to find work or the salary they offer is too little to even survive. This is one of the games that offers its users the opportunity to win money .

If you are thinking of starting in this world, it may seem a bit complicated or challenging at first. But it is not impossible to play, you just have to be constant as in all work. Try to find information from other more experienced players and take advantage of the easy levels to get the winnings and help the Axies to develop. So do not be discouraged and keep learning, the first weeks it may take longer to see the first profits, but by the second month you will invest less time.

In this new “play to win money” genre game, let you win through Adventure mode, in the arena and in battle. If you have not started playing yet, it is important that you know how to start playing Axie Infinity before learning how to use Adventure Mode. In this article we will see how to play Adventure Mode in Axie Infinity, a guide for beginners.

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  1. What should I prioritize when playing adventure mode?
  2. How much SLP is earned in Axie Infinity’s adventure mode?
  3. Can the daily mission only be played in sand or also in adventure?

What should I prioritize when playing adventure mode?

This part of the game “adventure mode” is divided into 36 levels, in those levels you must fight with different monsters using the cards with ingenuity. You must do it with your 3 Axies team, in this mode they grant you a minimum of energy, which you must use conscientiously. There are levels where you can get an extra SLP .

You can use all your daily energy in this mode, if you are starting you will help the Axie to gain experience and level up , if you do so in the future the levels will be easier and collecting the SLP will be quick and easy as well. you will spend fewer days to only use a few minutes in this collection of the amount of SLP.

From levels 1 to 16 it will help the axies to gain experience, these levels will be passed on as the Axies level up. Axies stats are increased at these levels by 5%. The 12 is the best level to increase XP, you can use it to train the newly acquired axies or if you raise the newborns.

How much SLP is earned in Axie Infinity’s adventure mode?

The SLP is a very important resource in Axie Infinity, it is used for the breeding of Axies or if you are not dedicated to breeding you can sell them for real money, it is a product in high demand. The adventure mode Axie Infinity is a way to get the SLP easy and simple way.

In Adventure mode you can reach a maximum 50 SLP every day , previously this figure was 100 SLP per day, but with an update low to 50 SLP. This reduction was made to incentivize players to make more use of options like arena, leveling up instead of just farming in Adventure mode, all of which help keep the Axie ecosystem healthy.

Can the daily mission only be played in sand or also in adventure?

Every day you will have a mission to carry out within the game, which you must play in the sand and in the adventure . You have 24 hours to complete this mission, when you arrive at 24 hours this mission restarts and if you did not finish it the rewards or what you accumulated will be lost, so it is important that you finish them on time, although they are simple it is a detail that you do not you must ignore, and that you know the exact time that it restarts in your country.

To participate in the daily missions you only have to have your full team of axies , which costs three Axies. If you already have the team, you can now participate in this facet of the game, so you can earn SLP every day, which up to now is 50 SLP per day. As you gain experience and your Axies level up or evolve, the amount of SLP you get daily will increase and you can collect it in less time.

If you have decided to try Axie Infinity you can register here , this link will take you to the official page.


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