How to play a movie with two subtitles at the same time in VLC

Watching a movie or a video is not the same experience as it was in the beginning, nowadays, most of the people use different programs or pages to be able to watch videos or movies.

Either through streaming services with the best movies and series like Netflix or web pages like Youtube, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to viewing visual content. You can add subtitles, lower and raise the volume, adjust the video quality, and much more. The same thing happens in video players.

In today’s market and tons of video players available, they all have their pros and cons, but often the online community, adept in the field of video, reaches a consensus on which is the best program to be able to watch any type video from a computer .

And, today, many agree that the best option is the VLC Player, this player is not only extremely light, but it can display all kinds of multimedia files. Likewise, it has support for all kinds of extensions, which lets you make all kinds of changes to the program to the point of being able to watch the videos as you please. It has certain common problems of any player, but they can be easily repaired on your PC .

It is a program that ends up being what the user wants it to be. To the point of being able to see two subtitles at the same time, this is something that many look for for different reasons, but few find, although, VLC Player is more than ready to offer you this option. See what you need to know below.

What I need?

Viewing two subtitles is not something that is commonly searched for or wanted in a player . Usually you just want to read a movie or video in one language, which is the usual thing. But there are occasions where having two subtitles may be desired.

Given this, you have to make small modifications to a video to be able to see it like this. So if you want to see two subtitles in VLC Player, you will have to download a few things. Apart from the very obvious download the latest version of the VLC player , you will have to download an extension and a separate program for the extension to work properly.

The extension you have to find and download is Subtitler lite mod . With a quick Google search you can find this extension without much trouble. This same one will let you see the second subtitle, the additional one to the normal one, in a video.

On the other hand, the program that you have to download for Subtitler Lite Mod to work properly is called Key Presser, which you can also find for free online, once you have these two files downloaded, the process of putting two subtitles to the VLC player begins.

Two subtitles in VLC

Before you can start the process, take some time installing what you have downloaded. First install Key Presser then put the Mod Lite Subtitler extension instead.

When you download the extension, you will have to find the extension that is compatible with your VLC player and take the LUA file, directly to the VLC extensions folder that will be where you installed the player. Once that’s done, you can get down to business.

You must open Key Presser, and select the Subtitler Lite Mod in ” Application “. Then, select a key that has to be pressed, this should be “Enter” or whatever you want. Then select an interval of 100 ms in “ Time towaitbeforestarting ”.

Next, you must put the second subtitle in the same location where the video file is located and it must have the same name as it. Remember that this subtitle file has to be in SRT format.

Now, click on the VLC “ View ” menu and select the extension and then launch the Key Presser program by clicking the “Start” button. Now you can see the two subtitles.


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