How to plan your estate succession?

Talking about estate succession planning can frighten a lot of people, but this is a very important issue to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

We have already seen countless cases of disagreements involving inheritances, capable of separating families. To prevent this from happening, the best way is to think and determine now how your money will be divided, ensuring that everyone is well assisted in the future.

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  • 1What is estate succession?
  • 2What is estate succession planning?
  • 3What are the options for succession planning?
  • 4How to plan the estate succession?
    • 11. List the assets
    • 22. Define the beneficiaries
    • 33. Evaluate the available alternatives
    • 44. Document everything
  • 5How can Magnetis Infinity help you?

What is estate succession?

It is about the organization of how the assets will be transferred to the heirs and descendants after the death of the holder.

Although many people believe that the inheritance can be passed on according to their preference, the law requires that at least 50% of the amount be destined to children, parents and spouse.

What is estate succession planning?

Succession planning is nothing more than determining, while still alive, how the assets will be distributed.

As the division of an inheritance can lead to disagreements and take a long time, planning leaves the family safer and with fewer problems to deal with.

Although the subject is still taboo, it is essential to think about it rationally. Treat it the same way other important aspects are planned, such as moving or buying a home.

With this preparation, in addition to protecting the assets gained for a lifetime, your family can save on inventory fees and the Tax on Death and Donation Tax (ITCMD) .

What are the options for succession planning?

Anyone who wants to organize the division of assets usually adheres to one of the following options:

  • Donation still alive;
  • Testament;
  • Family holding;
  • Private pension .

Another good alternative is to think about investments , which allow the return on value and make succession much easier after the owner’s death.

With this strategy, capital appreciates over time , and the family does not have to worry about all the bureaucracy of the inventory. Titles are passed automatically, thus ensuring access to resources that could be essential in such a difficult time.

How to plan the estate succession?

Check out some steps for this transfer of goods to be successful.

1. List the assets

The first step is exactly the survey of what you have inherited, conquered and accumulated throughout your life, in order to have a clear vision of what will be passed on.

Consider absolutely everything: investments, vehicles, real estate, businesses, cash, etc.

2. Define the beneficiaries

Once you know exactly what you have, it’s time to determine who will get what. Think carefully about the possibilities, consider the 50% required by law for family members (heirs needed) and assess how the other half will be divided.

You can leave it to an employee who was your right-hand man, a special friend, a charity, and many other possibilities.

3. Evaluate the available alternatives

After raising the accumulated amount and choosing who it will be distributed to, it’s time to define which instrument will be used for the division.

With this decision, you can now take steps to increase liquidity or enable access to assets, making succession much easier.

4. Document everything

To increase security and obtain legal support in the event of disagreements between the heirs, try to document all this planning.

This is the best way to ensure that your choices are respected, and that the people you care about most are entitled to your assets.

How can Magnetis Infinity help you?

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In this article, we introduce the concept of estate succession planning and walk you through how to do yours. Remember to organize the issue as soon as possible so that your family has financial support if necessary.

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