How to pin comments on an Instagram live?

Of all the networks that currently exist, Instagram is one of the most popular. With all the possibilities of interaction that it has, it is interesting that one that is widely used is live broadcasts, in which comments can be made . However, it is also possible to pin comments to them, and how to do this will be explained below.

How to Pin Comments on an Instagram Live? – Walkthrough

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  1. What is the use of pinning a comment and how to distinguish one?
  2. How to ‘Pint Comment’ to a comment on your Instagram Live?
    1. If you have an Android or iOS
    2. from PC

What is the use of pinning a comment and how to distinguish one?

During Instagram live broadcasts, viewers may be able to do different types of interactions. For example, they can send reactions or make comments. However, the more comments are made, the more they are lost in the large number of interactions that are made.

For this reason, sometimes a person makes a comment and in the end no one ends up seeing it. However, pinning a comment solves that problem, because even if thousands of comments are made on a broadcast, the one that is pinned will always stay in the same place for all viewers to see.

This function is especially useful in two specific situations. The first of these is when the person making the broadcast wants to make a comment with important information that is always visible to everyone who accesses the broadcast. Thanks to this function you will never lose sight of it.

The second role is in interaction streams. In direct questions and answers it can be useful to keep the question being answered in the same place so that everyone knows what is being talked about at that moment.

The best part is that it is extremely easy to recognize a pinned comment. The reason for this being that if a comment is pinned in the chat you can see that it has a little pin on it, like the ones used on billboards. And that bra can be seen whether we’re the streamers or we’re watching the broadcast and sending reactions.

How to ‘Pint Comment’ to a comment on your Instagram Live?

Being that it is such a useful function that Instagram has decided to add to its live broadcasts, it is worth knowing how it is done and on which platforms it is possible to perform this action . For this reason, below, it will be said from which sites we can make a ‘Pint comment’ and how it can be done in each of them.

If you have an Android or iOS

Reacting and commenting on a live broadcast is possible from Android and also from iOS. Therefore, from these platforms it is possible to post comments. To do so, simply log in from the device , tap on our profile picture or on the ‘More’ icon in the upper right corner.

Being there you have to select the ‘Live’ option to start the transmission . Once inside you can select the comment you want and select the ‘Pint comment’ option. Doing this will simply pin the comment, and a pin icon will appear on the right hand side.

It should be noted that this functional process is the same, both on iOS devices and on Android devices. This is because the platform is very similar on both types of devices.

from PC

It is important to say something: it is not possible to pin a comment from a PC on an Instagram Live. In fact, it is not even possible to make a live broadcast from a computer… At least not through the official channels , since it is possible to make a live broadcast using an application external to Instagram.

The tool that can be used to be able to make Instagram live broadcasts from the computer is Instafeed . To be able to transmit, and then post a comment , all you have to do is register by logging in with your Instagram account. However, this tool has a very limited paid trial period.

In short, once the live broadcast has started, you will simply have to follow the same procedure that has been mentioned before to be able to post a comment . The truth is that it is not complicated at all to be able to do this, and as you have seen in this tutorial, it is an option that can offer multiple advantages.


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