How to permanently remove the smell of burning from the microwave

The microwave is currently present in 94% of Spanish homes, which makes it one of the most widely used appliances. After-lunch tea or mid-afternoon popcorn prove it. Around the world, it is sold about 30 million a year.

Surely on some occasion you have burned something in the microwave and you have had a hard time removing that unpleasant smell of burned food . Don’t worry, it is quite common, but if you use the right products, it will not be difficult to eliminate the smell of burning in the microwave.

Before starting, we advise you not to mix with chemical cleaners, you may run the risk of poisoning yourself. So the best option will be to use ecological products, so in this article you will discover the best tricks to clean the microwave. Do not miss it!

Tricks to remove the smell of burning from the microwave

  • To start with, the best way to remove the smell of burning in the microwave is to use environmentally friendly cleaners, such as vinegar, lemon or baking soda. These natural products are very powerful in eliminating odors, as well as removing any type of stain or dirt.
  • You can choose any of these remedies to clean the microwave, even combine them to achieve a more powerful effect. To do this, put half the white vinegar and the other half water in a microwave-safe container. Put it in the microwave and put it on maximum power for three to five minutes.
  • After this time, keep the appliance door closed so that the mixture evaporates little by little and completely absorbs the smell of burning in the microwave. Half an hour later, you can open it and clean the water that is condensed inside the device.
  • In the same way, you can also use lemon juice instead of vinegar, or add two tablespoons of baking soda to the water and follow the same procedure as in the previous section.
  • Another alternative is to squeeze a lemon and add a little cinnamonto eliminate the smell of burning in the microwave at the same time as you flavor it. Remember to be very careful when you go to remove the container, you could burn yourself.
  • Finally, you can also eliminate the smell of burning in the microwave with coffee, as it is a powerful natural deodorizer. It is recommended to use soluble coffee dissolved in water, and it is as simple as putting the mixture in the microwave as in the previous cases.

Tips for cleaning a burnt microwave

If you are unlucky enough that a food has been burned in the microwave, it could leave not only an unpleasant smell, but yellow stains on the walls . These stains can be very difficult to remove if you let them dry, that’s why we show you some tricks to clean the microwave.

The first thing to do before cleaning the microwave is to unplug it. Afterwards, clean the walls very carefully with kitchen paper dampened with hot water and a few drops of dishwasher. Better to do it immediately, otherwise it will cost you much more to clean them.

Then, use another paper dampened with only water to remove the soap residue and, when finished , use a dry paper to remove any moisture that may have remained. When you finish cleaning the microwave, you can use any of the above methods to remove the burnt smell in the microwave, as the stains will disappear, but the smell may linger.

If there are still dry spots left because you didn’t clean it right away, dip a good piece of cotton in acetone and wipe it over the spots. But be sure to wipe off any residual product with a clean damp cloth right away. If this does not work to clean the microwave either, you will have to use a specific cleaner for this appliance.

How to remove stubborn odors

In general, when we use any of the above methods to remove the smell of burning in the microwave, it is normal that they absorb the bad smell that burned food has left.

However, there are times when the stench is so pervasive that other steps must be taken to eliminate the burning smell in the microwave. The most efficient is to fill a microwave-safe container with water and place a lemon cut in half upside down inside . Put it in the appliance and heat for five minutes.

This technique will remove stubborn odors, but it is also one of the most effective microwave cleaning tricks. After five minutes, remove the container and carefully wipe the inside of the microwave with a clean cloth slightly dampened with warm water. If you consider it necessary, repeat this process several times.

If what you want is to eliminate smoke and bad smell from your kitchen, white vinegar or lemon will also be your great allies. You just have to boil half a liter of white vinegar in a saucepan over low heat, or lemon failing that, to set the kitchen after the smoke has disappeared.

The heat will activate the astringent properties of the lemon, covering the entire room with its aroma. Coffee grounds, onion and even laundry detergent will be other options to eliminate the smell of burning in the microwave and throughout the room.

To eliminate the smell from inside the appliance, once you have used these tricks to clean the microwave, we recommend that you put a little butter and cinnamon on a container suitable for this appliance and cook it for a few minutes. In no time, that burning smell will turn into a pastry smell.

You already know the best techniques to clean the microwave and eliminate its burning smell, so do not hesitate to put them into practice to clean your home of annoying odors. Do you dare to try it?


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