How to permanently delete or delete an IMVU account?

IMVU is the instant messaging application that allows you to create an avatar and interact with other characters in scenes designed in 3D.

How to Delete or Permanently Delete an IMVU Account? – Very easy

This new application has a large number of users; If you have already registered with IMVU , but you are tired of using this platform because it did not meet your expectations, you can easily close your account. In this post we will tell you How to delete or permanently delete an IMVU account? – Very easy .

How to delete or permanently delete an IMVU account from the PC?

There are two very easy ways to delete your IMVU account from PC forever , you choose the method that suits you best. However, you should know that by deleting your account you lose all the information in your profile, and you will not be able to recover it; If you want to use IMVU again you will have to create a new account and a good character or avatar .

Method 1: Using the «Help» section

  1. Open your browser of choice (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari) and search for the following URL .
  2. When you are inside the official IMVU page, click on the “User access” option , which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Immediately you will be redirected to another page where you must click on the option Login .
  4. A pop-up window will appear where you must enter user name or email and password; then press “Login” again.
  5. Once inside your account, click on the “Help” option , which is at the top of the screen next to the “Search” box.
  6. Several options will appear on the screen, select “How to delete your account .
  7. In the new window « How to delete an account » you will see two steps, in step 1 you will find the phrase «Click here to go to the delete account page»; click on the word here (highlighted in blue) to be redirected to the removal page.
  8. On the new page you must enter your access password again for the system to verify your identity.
  9. Click on the “Continue” button to proceed with the removal.
  10. You will now see a message on the screen stating that your IMVU account has been successfully deleted .
  11. Finally you will receive an email from IMVU, you will receive it in the email that you have linked to your account; This email is for the purpose of confirming that your account was successfully deleted.

Method 2: Using the URL

  1. Type the following URL in your browser of preference: .
  2. Log in to your account as you normally do.
  3. Once you have logged into your account, go back to your browser’s search engine and type the following URL , this address will automatically take you to the page where you can delete your account.
  4. Type your access password again in the “Account password” box and click “Continue”.
  5. A message will appear indicating that your profile has been deleted successfully. You will also receive an email in the email that you have linked to your account.

Steps to delete your IMVU account from your Android or iOS mobile device


You must delete your IMVU account directly on its official page, that is, you must use your mobile browser to successfully delete your account; since this procedure cannot be done from the app.

  1. Open the web browser of your mobile device and enter this URL
  2. Click on “Login” and enter your username or email and password, and click on the “Login” option.
  3. You will see on your screen a box called “Account password” , there you must enter your access password again for the system to verify your identity, then click on the “Continue” button .
  4. Your IMVU account will be deleted immediately.
  5. You will receive an email to the email address that is linked to your account, confirming that your account has been deleted forever.
  6. After deleting your account, remove the application from your phone .

In case you have problems doing this process, you can contact the IMVU team. If you are bored with IMVU or you did not like its concept or design, you can easily delete your account forever, you just have to follow the previous steps and forget that you were part of that application.


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