How to permanently delete an Airbnb account?

Airbnb is an application that allows you to rent a house, apartment or bedroom easily. If you have tried the service and did not like it, then we will show you in a simple way how to permanently delete an Airbnb account in a few minutes.

Steps to unsubscribe from Airbnb from your computer

In this section we have taken the trouble to explain in great detail everything you have to do to be able to permanently delete your Airbnb account. Without a doubt, it is a very simple process that will take you less than 3 minutes to complete.

  • As always, the first step will be to enter the official Airbnb web portal from the search engine of your choice.
  • Then you must enter your Airbnb account. To do this, you simply have to select the ” Sign in ” option found in the upper right part of the screen. This process is the same if you are a host or owner on Airbnb .
  • Now you will have to go to the right side of the screen to select the profile icon. This is where we will see our profile photo in case we have previously selected one. Once you have clicked on this icon, you will see that a menu appears immediately containing several options.
  • Next you must click on the ” Account ” option that appears in the menu that has been displayed just after clicking on the profile photo.
  • Then a pop-up window called ” Account Settings ” will open. Here we can see a text box that says “Do you need to deactivate your account?” and just below it is the option “Take care of this now” that we must select to continue.
  • Now, Airbnb will force us to select the reason why we decided to delete our account. Once you have selected the reason, click on the option « Continue «
  • To finish you just have to click on the blue button that says ” Deactivate account ” that is in the lower right part of the window.

Delete an Airbnb account from a mobile device

If you do not have a computer at hand, below we explain how you can unsubscribe from this platform from your mobile.

It should be noted that Airbnb has an application that is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems . But the disadvantage is that we cannot delete our account through this app, since it simply does not have that option. Therefore, to do this process we will have to use the browser of the smartphone that we have at hand.

  • To start you must open the web browser of your mobile device.
  • Later you must go to the upper right part of the screen of our mobile and press on the 3 horizontal points that you will see there.
  • Then you will see that a small menu is displayed in which we must select the option « PC version «
  • Now, you will have to follow the same steps that we showed you previously to permanently delete the account. This occurs because Airbnb does not have an exclusive option for smartphones.

For this reason, it is recommended that if you want to delete an Airbnb account , you do it from a computer. However, you can also do it from a mobile device, but it will be a little more uncomfortable, although in the end the result will be exactly the same.

We must also remind you that if you delete your Airbnb account, you will not be able to recover it in any way but you will have to create a new one. That is why we recommend that you be 100% sure before performing the process to permanently delete an Airbnb account

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