How to permanently delete a Microsoft account?

If you already want to stop using Microsoft services, it is best that you learn How to permanently delete a Microsoft account? – Very easy. To complete this process easily, please read carefully the guide that we have prepared for this task.

Permanently deleting a Microsoft account or deleting Gamertag from Xbox Live are not difficult processes, in any case, for novice users it can be somewhat cumbersome. Therefore with the following tutorial we intend to help all those who have doubts in relation to this procedure.

In any case, before you start, you should consider unlinking your Outlook account from Windows 10 , an action similar to the one mentioned in this tutorial.

How to permanently delete a Microsoft account? – Very easy

Microsoft has been offering accounts of various characteristics for many years , with which we will get exceptional email and access to several very interesting functions of the company.

Even so, on many occasions we want to give up all the options that the company presents us, but many people find it complicated, so through the following guide you will learn how to do it step by step:

First part

  1. The first step is precisely to log into the account you want to delete, for this you must go to the official Microsoft website, which you can access under the following Microsoft link .
  2. At the top right of the screen you will find the small icon ” Login “, click on it.
  3. The login form will be displayed on the screen, where you will have to enter your email, your phone or your Skype username. Once you have written this, click on next.
  4. Now you must enter your password and finally click on the “Login” button. After this, you will have already successfully logged into your Microsoft account. Click on the previous link again.
  5. Once you are back on the Microsoft home page, click again on the user icon that appears above and to the right, now you must click on ” My Microsoft account “.
  6. You must go down until you find the “Security” section, in most cases it is right at the end. Click on this option, it is very possible that you will be asked to enter the password of your account again, provide this information to continue.

Second part

  1. Several options related to the security of your Microsoft account will be displayed, this time you have to locate ” More security options “, once you have found this option, click on it.
  2. In most cases a confirmation will be requested, this confirmation is usually sent to a contact email or to your phone number. After providing this information, you will be able to access the account deletion options.
  3. As we pointed out before, various options related to the security of your account will be displayed, among which there is also the section to delete the account. You can access this option by clicking on ” Close my account “.
  4. Another screen will appear in which you must confirm the deletion of the account by clicking on “Next” (we recommend reading what is shown there).
  5. On the next page the different options that will be eliminated will appear, select them all to completely eliminate your Microsoft account, finally select the reason for the closure and then in “Mark account for closure”
  6. As a last step, click on “Done” and the process will be completed.

Note that you can also delete accounts from other features, such as permanently deleting your Yahoo account . The truth is that it is a compliment you should consider if you will stop using the services provided by a specific company.

Consider the following

Please note that the removal process will complete after 60 days of stopping using the account. In any case, until then the account will be closed, but if you try to enter it, you will very likely gain access. After this time the action is completely irreversible .


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