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Surely you have already heard about the happy wish lists, most online or digital stores use them to allow you to take an order and at the same time facilitate your experience.

Now, reading the title, did you know that there is a wish list for Google Play ? And if so, do you know how it works? With the question in your mind, it is time for you to learn more about Google play, the Android store par excellence and one of the best products, tools and services that Google offers.

What is a Google Play wish list?

The wish lists as we named before, invaded the world and it is that currently, any store or E-commerce has one that adapts to the products they sell.

They are not complicated at all, they are a simple complement, which allows you to save; the products you see while browsing the interface of any store (for example: Amazon, eBay, among others).

They were created with the aim of improving and making the experience of any user faster, thanks to them we do not have to go back to every product that we have seen and have been interested in (which was the case before).

With a list we can even leave the store (for whatever reason), and then come back just to complete the purchase (it’s like choosing our favorites).


Google and its obsession to make life easier for us

As expected with the majority of online businesses, their list, Google was not going to be left behind, so they added their own.

The Google Play wish list is in the sidebar (this if we enter the store through the web), in the case of the application for mobile devices, we can find it in the side panel.

Just by logging into the Play Store with a Google account, it helps us for the aforementioned, marking the applications we like the most; in order to save them in an ordered list (which will remain there for later without being deleted even if you leave).

The good thing about Google’s personal list is that once the application you were thinking of downloading is installed or when you cancel a purchase in the Google Play Store ; this is deleted, giving space to place more apps.

To add an application, you just have to press the button in the upper right part (it is small and its shape is that of a marker with a cross inside); it will automatically change and the cross will be replaced with a white tip or check for confirmation.

To “Delete” what you have marked, just press again, or simply go to the list section and use the menu that appears to ” Delete ” what is left over from your Google Play wish list.

And ready that simple can improve your experience in the store, become faster when using it or beat your most forgetful side.


Honestly, is the wish list still useful and does it have some other function?

Well, in short, no, it doesn’t have any other function beyond saving; To say more would redound to the same thing, it really does its job, the list keeps you active.

And somehow or other it generates revenue for Google that it otherwise couldn’t (they’re reminding you that buying that is always good).

To be fair the Google Play wish list was introduced in 2012, it’s been 8 years now, and since then things have changed.

Not only did all the other competitors of the giant add the same (because there are not many variations between stores); but also the internet was diversified no longer as necessary as before. But as a general note, Google’s list has aged like fine wine and even in 2020, it works 100% .


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