How to pay less on Netflix

How to pay less on Netflix.I am sure that at least once in your life you have felt the urge to  activate a Netflix subscription  and that the initial enthusiasm has faded after reading the cost of the currently available plans. I understand the disappointment and I also imagine that you have searched all over the internet for some strategy to  not pay for Netflix .

So, leaving out the options that would lead you to violate the copyright of the content on the platform by downloading illegally, I can tell you that, in practice, there are still some methods to avoid paying for Netflix out of pocket. Do you want to know how to do it? Keep reading!

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Check if you can try Netflix

In some countries it is possible not to pay for Netflix for a certain time and to try the service (depending on the promo for a whole month or in some cases only a week). For example, I have been one of the lucky users who have been able to enjoy the free 30-day promotion on Netflix Spain, and I clearly remember the rush to create more and more accounts of my friends, with the aim of making the most of the service without paying a cent.

These types of promotions are not available all year round, but they are usually activated every few months. You can check when they are active in your country from  this Netflix support page  .

Check if the Netflix catalog is to your liking

By accessing  this page of the Netflix portal  you can access the  main titles produced by Netflix  and watch  trailers  , descriptions and special content. All for the purpose of perhaps deciding whether it is really worth subscribing or not.

Netflix “Watch free” section

Several authors on the web, until a few months ago, reported on the possibility of accessing some  free content on Netflix  . A kind of catalog of movies and first episodes of television series that Netflix made available for free to, somehow, “attract” new users to subscribe.

Unfortunately, Netflix has taken this option was available at the link below They may turn it back on later.

Share your Netflix subscription

Sharing your Netflix subscription is probably the easiest way to enjoy the wide range of streaming content that the American giant offers at an affordable price.

By taking a quick look at Netflix costs, you can easily understand how the best option, if your goal is to minimize them, is to share the subscription with someone (friends or family). Taking into account that the standard subscription   allows you to watch Netflix simultaneously on  2 devices  , if you hypothetically shared this subscription with another person, your real cost would be around € 6.00 per month (for a total of € 72.00 per year). If, on the contrary, you shared the Premium subscription   with 3 other  people  , the monthly expense would be around € 4.00 / month (for a total of € 48.00 per year).

It goes without saying, therefore, that if you really have to share a Netflix account, you should do so by making the most of the platform’s potential and then subscribing to the Premium option, which among other things will allow you to enjoy viewing. content in HD and Ultra. HD (if your devices support these modes).

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Pay Netflix by sharing

At this point, you might be wondering: How do  we pay for the shared Netflix subscription  ? The options are different, I will list some possibilities:

  • Create a PayPal account with which you can make the payment of your annual or monthly Netflix fee
  • Use a pre-existing PayPal account to which the other three pool participants will send their “entry”
  • Use any of the other payment methods accepted by the platform (Visa, MasterCard, America Express, virtual cards, third-party billing, packages with Netflix included);
  • Make a payment “in cash” and give the money to whoever is in charge of managing the subscription payments;
  • Use Netflix gift cardsto charge to the shared account (see below for more information).

In this way, you will get a cheaper Netflix subscription, or make the most of the service (thus taking advantage of all the available “viewing spaces”).

Get a Netflix gift card

As you can easily guess, the use of Netflix, in this case, will be “free for your pocket only.” However, it is also true that there is nothing wrong with recommending to friends and family who are willing to give you a gift for something that you would really like to receive. If you have the opportunity, get  a Netflix gift card as a gift  to access the service and enjoy the best of international programming (they can be found online or in stores like MediaMarkt or Fnac).

The cost of the subscription will be deducted monthly from the value of the gift card. Once the credit is exhausted, this cost will be deducted from the associated PayPal account (if you have it linked) or, in general, from the payment method you have chosen. In case you do not have any form of payment linked to your account, as soon as the balance of the gift card runs out, Netflix will cancel your subscription without charging you any extra.

Take advantage of a friend’s Netflix subscription

Want to watch specific content on Netflix because you can’t find it anywhere else? Try to borrow  a friend’s account for a season to watch a series or movie that interests you.

This is undoubtedly the best option, but don’t go too clever and want to enjoy a friend’s account for months. In this case, it is advisable to share the expenses by buying by paying part of the Netflix monthly payment.

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