How to pay in installments on Amazon

Maybe you don’t know that for a few days now it is possible to buy a product from Amazon and pay for it in installments. Think, you will finally be able to buy that mac that you wanted so much and that you could not afford. But how to pay in installments on Amazon ? Anyone can use it? In this article, I’ll explain how it all works.

First of all, to be able to use the installment payment service you must meet some requirements, and in particular:

  • you must be a resident of Italy
  • you must have an Italian Amazon account active for at least one year
  • you must have a valid credit or debit card associated with your Amazon account. In this sense, prepaid cards (for example yap ) as well as cards with expiration no earlier than 20 days after the expiry date of the last installment are not valid.
  • you must have a good history of payments on Amazon, without ever having had “hitches” in payments

These are the minimum requirements that you must have, if you respect them all you could use this new service. I use the conditional because, beyond compliance with the requirements, there are still few profiles enabled for the installment payment service (the service is still in an experimental phase). So do not be surprised if, even if you have all the established requirements, you will not be able to use this service; it is just a matter of waiting some time for the service to be extended to all eligible Amazon profiles.

At the moment not all products can be purchased in installments, indeed they are very few (only the echo family and some other Amazon brand products). The products eligible for payment by installments are recognized because above the “Add to cart” button they have a check for the payment ” 5 monthly installments ” and the amount of each installment will also be indicated below. To date, there are very few products payable in installments but over time this function will be extended to many products.


  • How to pay in installments on Amazon
  • Early termination
  • Payment by installments yes but with several constraints!

How to pay in installments on Amazon

How to pay in installments with Amazon then? Once the product to be purchased has been identified, from its page, select the item ” 5 monthly installments ” at the top right and then press ” Add to cart “; then continue the purchase as usual.

You will pay the first of the 5 installments at the time of the order and the subsequent ones will be automatically debited from your card every 30 days from each other; then, on balance, you will pay the last installment 120 days after shipment.

You can take advantage of one installment payment at a time and therefore you will only be able to access this service again after you have finished paying the outstanding installments.

Early termination

On a special page dedicated to installment payments, you can consult the residual installments and pay a subsequent installment or the entire residual debt at any time without paying any commissions.

Payment by installments yes but with several constraints!

Among the thousands of contractual clauses provided, it is expressly stated that the choice of installment payment precludes the possibility of product changes. Not only that, at the moment the installment payment in Italy is limited to echo devices and in the event of Amazon’s default or inability to collect an installment for any reason, Amazon reserves the right to cancel the registration of the device and disable the ability to access the related contents….

So in essence it is an experimental service that doesn’t offer much. Little flexibility and many constraints. The possibility of choosing the number of installments is certainly missing and this certainly makes this service unattractive. Perhaps a revolving credit card is more convenient for small purchases, which for a few euros for commissions offers you the possibility to choose the number of installments and certainly places fewer constraints. To you the choice.

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