How to Paste with the same style on Mac

Surely you have ever wondered how to Paste with the same style on Mac so as not to lose the style you have in the new text document. Therefore, below we will tell you step by step what you have to do in order not to die trying:

Paste with the same style on Mac

The truth is that the Mac allows us many possibilities. It is the best computer you can buy, because it is powerful, light and lasts for many years. It is so versatile that it can become the best travel companion.

Of course, so that you can get its full potential, it is important that you know well how to do most of its functions. One of them is that of gluing .

And, if you usually use your macOS device to write normally, as I am doing now, you will know that there are different styles. That is, they depend on the typeface we use, whether it is in bold, the size, the alignment , etc. Come on, each text can have its own style.

However, if we copy a text and then paste it next to another; we can see that his style is different and that it is a fudge. If the style is the same we will have been very lucky and we do not have to do anything else. However, if not, you have to learn how to Paste with the same style on Mac .

How do you keep the style of the copied and pasted text? You will simply have to follow these steps:

  • Right click with the mouse on the document to edit
  • Choose Paste adapting the style

And now you have it! Only if you select that, it will stick, adapting the style to the current document, not the old one. So you won’t have to waste time manually changing its style to make it look right.

This is what we show you in the following image:


Keep in mind that depending on the version of macOS the exact text may vary, but it will always be something like this or “paste with the same style”. Something similar.

Command – key combination

If you prefer to use the commands because the mouse does not work for you or whatever, you can directly use the keyboard and press Command + option + shift + V at the same time . And you already have it.

Now that you know how to Paste with the same style on Mac , you just have to try it and tell us if it has worked for you to keep the style in your new texts.

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