How to password a Netflix profile

Even if you share your account, you can put a password to your Netflix profile to make it private and prevent other users from seeing your content and history.

You can make your Netflix profile private , which is very useful when you share your account with friends or family. So no one will be able to know what you are seeing. In this post we will see how to put a PIN or password to a Netflix profile .

Netflix finally allows you to password the profiles separately . What we are talking about is not the password of the account , but for profiles within it. This is especially useful if your children use your account, as you can protect your adult profile with a PIN, so that children can only use their own profiles.

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I guess you do not like that they enter your profile and can spoil your recommended content. With this new parental control feature, you can keep other account users away, since Netflix allows you to put a PIN on your profile.

Set password to a Netflix profile

The easiest way to configure the PIN lock on your profile is through the official Netflix website by following these steps:

Go to the Netflix website and select the Account option  from the drop-down menu that you will see when you hover over your profile icon in the upper right corner.

Scroll down to the Profiles and Parental Controls section and click the little arrow next to your profile. Below that you will see the Profile Lock option and the Change link to its right. Click Change .

It will ask you to enter your Netflix login credentials .

After entering it you will see the option to configure a Profile Lock .

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Here you will need to check the checkbox next to Require a PIN to access [] profile . It will now allow you to set a secure 4-digit PIN for your profile.

Additionally you can select the option to Require the PIN code to create new profiles . Hit the Save button to make your profile private.

Now when you open Netflix in the browser, official mobile application or TV you will see a lock icon in the profile.

To enter you must enter the PIN code by clicking on the profile photo and you can start watching your favorite TV shows.

Netflix profile lock

Many users were waiting for the option to put password to a Netflix profile individually. Now you can set a PIN or password for each user on your account.

Finally we have that possibility and we can control access to each profile from a multi-user perspective. The other people with whom we share an account do not have to see the content we consume on the platform.

Also, this is an essential new feature for parental controls. You can examine your child’s profile, but they may still see R-class content on other profiles on the account. With this new function you will be able to configure PIN blocking in all profiles and prevent children from seeing adult content.

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