How to organize, insert, delete, or extract pages from a PDF in Acrobat

You have a PDF file and you have no idea what to do with it. Well, in this section we will briefly explain how to handle primary functions such as organizing, inserting, deleting or extracting pages in a PDF file.

Many times when we work with a program that we know little about, we feel very limited. If that is how we feel with Adobe Acrobat Reader, we will explain how to handle this program as an expert. Before working with the software, we recommend that you always keep it updated with its latest version so that you can benefit from its tools.

Organize pdf pages

  • First we install Adobe Acrobat Reader and open the program.
  • From the top menu we press the “open” button. And we choose any PDF file that contains pages to organize.
  • In the Panel of the right box we observe a variety of options; we look for “organize pages” and click it. This command allows you to view or have an overview of the pages that the document contains. From this work area we can make modifications to the document , such as: Organize, insert, delete and extract pages.

Insert blank page

  • While in the document to work, we place the mouse over the sheet, we will see a small vertical menu with 4 options. We click on the last option with the “+” sign and a window pops up to which we will click on the item that says “insert blank page” , and that’s it.
  • If we want to move it and organize it in relation to the other documents, we select it and touching the sheet without releasing the mouse button we drag it to the desired place.
  • Then we can work on the blank sheet with the edit command. To do this we go to the right sidebar and touch the “edit PDF” option .
  • Then in the upper bar we click on add text and click on the area of ​​the sheet where we will start writing.

Insert pages from a pdf file

  • We proceed to click on the “+” sign , in the pop-up window we touch the item “insert from file”
  • We will see a dialog box in which we will choose the PDF file to include, when we select it we click on “accept”. It should be noted that it will add all the pages that that file contains.

Delete pdf pages

  • We choose the sheet to delete by clicking on it.
  • In the small vertical menu we touch the trash can icon .
  • A message will be reflected indicating if we are sure to delete, we click on “accept”.

Extract pdf page

  • It is worth clarifying that the expression “extract” consists of taking one or more pages to convert them into a PDF file. With this in mind, we select the page to extract.
  • In the upper menu we press the “extract” button
  • A message will be displayed: “Are you sure to extract the page as a separate file?”, Including the option to delete the page after extraction . If we agree, we click on the “extract” button.
  • It will automatically open a PDF file with the selected page.

Replace pdf

  • If you wanted to continue working with more Acrobat Reader commands, let’s briefly examine one more. First of all we look for the page we want to replace, in the top menu we click on the “replace” button .
  • When the dialog box appears, choose the pdf file to replace and then click on “open” .
  • As a result, a window called “Replace Page” will open . In the “Original” section, in the “replace page” field, the page to be replaced is placed with a number. And in the “substitute” section, in the “by pages” field, put the number of the page to be substituted. Then click on “accept”.
  • This brings us to the confirmation window. It asks us “if you are sure you want to replace the page”. We click on the “yes” button . And immediately replaces it.
  • Once the modifications have been made to our pdf work file, let’s not forget to save the changes. We just have to go to the top menu and press the “save” button , sometimes it is represented by a floppy disk icon.

It is advantageous to have these basic document handling skills such as organizing, inserting, extracting and deleting PDF pages. It is a format with cross-platform capacity, that is, such knowledge is valid regardless of the operating system we have. As you get to know and work with the program, you will have the ability to configure it as the default reader . We hope you take advantage of this powerful tool and tell us about your experience.


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