How to order food at home with Glovo through the app step by step

The world of the internet has promoted millions of updates in any field related to technology. Large establishments have made a presence on digital platforms . Facilitating the way in which remote orders are made. That is why today we will talk about how you can order food at home through the Glovo app .

How to Order Food at Home with Glovo through the App step by step

In turn, the ingenuity of many computer scientists has led to the birth of new forms of communication and orders, which, dynamically, create a quick link between customer and company .

Glovo World

This Spanish delivery company founded in 2015, is not only dedicated to making a delivery, but also makes your life much easier .

With a presence in more than 17 countries, Glovo delivers and picks up orders in a maximum time of 30 minutes. Have you forgotten to go to the pharmacy or want to order your favorite food without leaving home? Do not worry! Glovo can do it for you .

How does Glovo work?

This company has revolutionized the way you ask for domicile. One of his reviews is “if it fits in the Glovo box, we will bring it to you”. Amazing, right? But it doesn’t go that far, and in addition to offering you its services at a low cost, it is available every day!

At the moment when you need it most , Glovo will be there to give you a hand. It is very useful if you are short of time, or if you really want to stay home. Do you like the idea?

Home orders

The service offered by the distributors of this imposing transnational company is characterized by its speed, efficiency and responsibility . Using Glovo’s assistance is extremely easy. Order your favorite food or dessert from the comfort of your home, Glovo will take care of delivering it to you. Do you want to know how? here we explain it to you.

Steps to follow

To start using the Glovo service, it is essential that you have the Glovo application on your mobile, available for both Android and iPhone . If you don’t have it yet, you can download it here. Once installed, you will need to create a profile. If you wish, you can use your Google or Facebook account to continue with the registration.

  1. Located within the application interface, it will request information corresponding to the address where you want the shipment to arrive.
  2. Choose what you want to order at home . You will have within the options available in the application’s search tool, all those stores, restaurants, cafes that are close to our address.
  3. At the bottom of the panel, you will see a basket where what you have previously ordered will be.
  4. In this same section, you can specify in detail what you want from the content. In addition to the possibility of setting a delivery time.
  5. Specify your phone number to be in contact with the delivery person in case of any doubt.
  6. Make the payment through the same balloon application, once the order is at home.

And ready! There is no major complication to order through this application. Fast and efficient just like the services offered by the glovers community.

How much does it cost to order by Glovo?

When proceeding with an online purchase, we ask ourselves in addition to the time it may take to arrive, for the cost of shipping. It is important to note that the price of the shipment is directly proportional to the distance of the same, the further away, the value of the delivery increases .

Many companies are affiliated with the Glovo application. Which will allow to visualize the cost of the article and the delivery in advance . However, there are ways to get Glovo to send you food for free and without extra shipping costs .

However, it is possible that on some occasions the price of the reflected product is different, in this case, the purchase is made automatically if the percentage is less than 30%.

Otherwise, if the mentioned percentage is exceeded, the glover will contact you to see if the purchase proceeds or is canceled. It is important to highlight that, in the price of the night service, additional charges may apply .

Ready to order?

Now that you know how to order food at home with the Glovo app, you can enjoy your favorite food without leaving home. Join the Glovo experience and enjoy its efficient, fast and simple services. Wherever you are, wherever you want and every day! What are you waiting for?


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