How to optimize PC battery life with SlimbookBattery in Ubuntu

Through the following tutorial we will teach you How to optimize the battery life of the PC with SlimbookBattery in Ubuntu? A very useful process with which you can extend the life of your computer’s battery.

How to optimize PC battery life with SlimbookBattery in Ubuntu?

In the event that you have a laptop that runs on batteries, it is best to properly optimize consumption. This can be done easily with the SlimbookBattery program. So we recommend that you read the following information to learn how to install and configure it properly:

  1. To get the SlimbookBattery application on Ubuntu, you need to learn how to use the Linux terminal which you can access by pressing the Ctrl + Alt + T key combination .
  2. Once the Ubuntu terminal is properly opened, you need to write several codes, the first of which is the following “sudo add-apt-repository ppa: slimbook / slimbook”. After typing the above, press the “Enter” key.
  3. When you properly download the above file package, type the following code in the terminal “sudo aptinstallslimbookbattery” and hit “Enter.”
  4. With the commands mentioned above you can download and install the SlimbookBattery tool. Thus, you can control and optimize the battery life of your computer. On the other hand, if you do not want to use the terminal, you can choose to download the application online and then install the program in Ubuntu .

Once you install SlimbookBattery, its icon will be displayed on the Ubuntu toolbar. You can easily recognize this icon by a lightning bolt shape. Similarly, through this icon you can access the different configuration options that the application has.

Configure the SlimbookBattery app to start saving battery life on your PC

SlimbookBattery has several modes through which you can optimize the battery life of your computer at one point, before this we have the basic mode that presents three different options: energy saving, balanced and maximum performance

Energy saving

As it is possible to activate the power plan in Windows , this option seeks to save as much as possible the battery of our computer / laptop with the Ubuntu system. In this way, the resource is conserved and we can carry out more activities in our teams.

It should be noted that the energy saving mode will not offer the best performance in demanding applications, which is why you may see a decrease in the performance of the computer, in any case it is the ideal option for those difficulties in which you need more than battery.


Balanced mode represents a middle ground between the “Energy Saving” option and the “Maximum Performance” option. If it is with this option you will obtain an acceptable performance at the same time that the battery will not be consumed as violently as with the maximum performance mode.

It is the recommended option for daily use, in the event that you do not use demanding applications such as video games or the like. The mode balanced provide an adequate balance between performance and battery life.

Maximum performance by optimizing PC battery life in Ubuntu

This mode is designed to get the most out of our computer / laptop , in any case the energy consumption will be the maximum, so it is not a recommended option if you are looking to save energy.

This configuration is intended for people who want to play games or use their equipment for heavy and demanding tasks. To use this mode, it is best to have the computer connected to a power source, since the battery in this mode would have a very short duration .

Advanced mode

As its name suggests, the advanced mode is designed for all those users who wish to rigorously configure the power options using the SlimbookBattery tool. It is not a mode designed for newbies , since it involves a large number of configurations that require prior knowledge.

Even so, if you have computer and hardware knowledge, you can use the advanced mode , a function that will allow you to make a more exhaustive configuration suitable for your needs. Using the advanced mode of the SlimbookBattery app, you can strike that ideal balance at your discretion between performance and energy savings.


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