How to Open the Empty Thousand Doors Boat Dungeon in Genshin Impact

IN Genshin impactThe Empty Thousand Doors Boat is an exploration dungeon located in Inazuma, meaning that you can only receive a reward for completing it once. First, however, you will need to open it by solving several puzzles in Araumi. If you are having difficulty solving these riddles, then check out our guide.

How to get to the cave in Araumi

Before you can enter the cave in Araumi, shown in the screenshot below, you will need to get the Lens of Memory by completing the Sacrifice World Quest .

After completing this mission, the quest “Cleansing the Filth” will immediately begin , in which you will need to remove the barrier under the ground in Araumi. Therefore, in the manual for the corresponding mission, we described in detail how exactly to enter the cave. Just study the information provided there.

Solving the first cubes puzzle in Araumi

So, we go down into the passage inside the tower and find ourselves in a room with an arch and lanterns. Turn left of it and you will see 5 stone cubes there. To solve this puzzle, you need to make sure that all of them glow on the same side as the central cube, that is, the light should fall on the back wall.

The picture above shows the solution to the puzzle when the cubes are in their original position, that is, 3 of them are shining in the right direction, and two are not. In this case, you need to make only 4 hits. The sequence of attacks is shown in the image.

Alternative way

If you have already started to twist the cubes, and they are now not in their original position, then try another method. In the picture below, we have numbered all the cubes except for the central one. You will need to rotate them in the following sequence:4312144…

Note: There are no universal ways to solve, since a lot depends on what position your cubes are in, but this order can bring you closer to the correct placement.

As soon as all the cubes have the right sides glowing, a chest will appear near them. Water will also disappear near him, so you can go down by jumping into the hole.

Solution of the second puzzle with cubes in Araumi

After jumping down into the water, start swimming to the left until you reach the stairs. In case of a lack of energy, you can stop in one of the alcoves on the left side. When you go up the ladder, you will see a console and a grate. Interact with the cube to open the gate – this passage leads out, but you don’t need it yet.

Turn around and you will see 5 more cubes. You will need to rotate them so that they all shine in your direction. The simplest way is shown in the picture below – when the cubes are in their original position, you just need to shoot twice at the central figure.

Alternative way

Let’s say you have come to a position when the 2nd and 5th cubes are looking in the right direction, the 3rd and 4th to the side, and the 1st to the back (shown in the screenshot). In this case, you need to rotate them in the following sequence:3, 4, 5, 5, 1…

After solving the puzzle, you will see a chest next to the stone cubes. You can now explore the entire cave.

How to get to the endless mechanical array

Now go through the passage that you opened earlier, turn left and go down the stairs to the stone gate that opens with a cube located on the right side.

As soon as the gates open, turn right and start running down the corridor. On the way, you will encounter several opponents. You can destroy them or just run past them. Going down, you will find yourself in a spacious cave with a teleport point – activate it.

Now run forward to the large passage. If you jump down, you can fight the Infinite Mechanical Array boss .

How to find the “Empty Boat of a Thousand Doors” dungeon

If you did not come to fight the boss, then immediately turn right. Then go along the wall and turn left, continuing along the arch of the cave. Soon you will see a thunderous cherry blossom branch. You can take electrogranum.

Solving the first slab puzzle

Here you will see a locked console cube and a pressure plate. Step on it to start a new puzzle. You will need to go over the tiles in such a way that they are all activated.

You cannot step on the same slab twice. If you miss at least one platform, then the puzzle will have to be completed from the very beginning. The screenshot above shows the required route to solve this puzzle.

The console will then unlock and you can interact with it to open the grill in front. Walk forward and examine the chest.

Solution of the second slab puzzle

Step on the pressure plate again for a new puzzle to appear. Here, too, you will need to correctly navigate the platforms so that they all light up. The correct route is shown in the screenshot below.

As soon as you pass the slabs correctly, a chest will appear and access to the console will open. Interact with her to make the entrance to the “Empty Boat of a Thousand Doors” dungeon appear.

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