How to open or play a file with a WRF extension online

Having to work from home or through a computer comes with the great detail of having to handle different programs about which we often had no prior knowledge. These programs have their own ways of working , as well as their own files when saving any progress or activity that has been done in them.

Because of this, it is extremely important to have a basic knowledge of the different files that we cannot find, as is the case if you have been sent a file with a WRF extension . This is a very particular video file, which cannot be opened anywhere, so below we will tell you a little about how you can open it.

What is a WRF file?

Files with a WRF extension are a kind of video file that has been created with the Cisco Webex video editor or video creator .

This file is a really special one, not only due to the particular tool with which it is made, but how it was made, since these files are made with the objective of creating content for company training or for video conferences.

It is possible to receive a link to view a WRF file online, but if you have received a WRF file in any direct way , the only option you have to view it is by downloading the Cisco Webex player to view it.

How to view a WRF file?

In the event that a WRF file has been sent to you directly, you have to bear in mind that you will not be able to see it in a player with special extensions or in an online player. This is because Cisco likes to keep its services and programs unique to themselves.

Given this, the only option you have available is to go directly to the Cisco Webex download page and download the specialized player from the links.

Also note that if you want to play an ARF file , a Cisco Webex file that shares some similarities with the WRF; You will have to download the specific player for that type of files through the page.

If you have a PC, you have a very simple job, since you only have to enter and directly download the player for installation from the Cisco Webex page , the same for Mac OS.

With the player downloaded to your computer, you must bear in mind that you will have the option of converting the file to another type of format, such as WMV, SFW or even an MP4 if it is an ARF file that you have received. So if you want to pass on to someone else what you have seen on video in a much more specific format, you can use the same player.

But, if it is a WRF file, you can only perform the conversion by downloading from the same download page and Webex recordings converter, having the opportunity to convert to a WMV file.

On the other hand, if you search the internet, you will find lots of other programs that promise to open a WRF file without any problem, but in order to have the correct access to this type of files, we recommend that you download the official programs, in such a way that you can do everything you need to do with the file without problems.

What if I still can’t open the file?

In the event that you have received a file of these, and you cannot open it through the player you have downloaded, you should look at the extension. There are a large number of extensions that can sound or look similar to WRF, such as WFR, WRP or even TRP .

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