How to open file with MXF extension

As usual, the modern PC user in the arsenal has a sufficient number of programs installed on the device for all occasions. However, in some cases the desired application may not be at hand, then there is a problem with running some files. Dealing with popular formats is easy and few people have difficulty opening them, and even more so wondering what tools are needed for this, while some extensions may be unknown to the user, and this already creates inconvenience. As a rule, if the object does not want to open, but should (some files do not provide for viewing), the most common reason may be the banal lack of the necessary software, then the problem is solved by installing the necessary program.

Sometimes an element unknown to either the user or the system can be a “Pandora’s box” and it is better not to try to open it. Before running, you should make sure the security of the unknown source of the file, including sent by mail, scanning it with an antivirus or medical utility.

When confronted with an object that uses the MXF extension, users often do not know what it is and how to open it. The part of the file name after the dot speaks to its type, but in some cases this information is not enough to identify the object. Most often, the MXF format is multimedia and used by professionals in the television or film industry, less often – another type of data with the extension MXF is used in the font of the world-famous game SimCity4 and stored after installation in the Fonts folder along with other fonts.

What does the MXF extension mean?

MXF is used as a container for packing and editing multimedia data compressed by almost any algorithm. To run a file with such an extension requires the appropriate codecs, which can be downloaded in addition or already integrated into special programs that support the extension.

The format name sounds completely like Material Exchange Format File. The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) standard is used to combine video, audio, and metadata into a single media file. If necessary, MXF can be converted to another, most convenient video format, the same AVI, MP4, MPEG, MOV or others. The standard distinguishes cross-platform, which was one of the main ideas in the creation, it is supported by various programs and devices. Due to this, the user’s choice in the means of working with the extension is unlimited. Often professional camcorders write in MXF format.

Ways to play video files with MXF extension

Consider in more detail how you can open the MXF format. Today, the list of programs adapted to work with multimedia files is considerable. It is possible that the user’s computer will even have an already installed application that can open this format, because the universal media players, discussed below, are quite common and are freely available. As multifunctional tools, they can be useful for a variety of purposes, not just for audio and video streaming. If you can’t launch a file from Explorer by double-clicking, you can open it in other ways, directly from the program or using the “Open with” option, which is available when calling the context menu by right-clicking on an item. In the window available software selection, there you can check the box next to the parameter, which allows you to always open files of this type with a specific application. You can also play an object by dragging it from the explorer to the area of ​​the player that supports this format.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

A popular player with a simple classic interface, with decent functionality and supports a large number of audio and video formats. The program also recognizes MXF, you can open an object with it as follows:

  1. In the “File” menu, select the “Quickly open file” option (or use the hot keys Ctrl + Q).
  1. As an option, you can select “Open File” and in the window that appears, click “Select”.
  1. In the open explorer, mark the desired item and click “Open”.

VLC Media Player

Powerful VLC media player is a universal tool that opens almost all known formats. The program is also used to stream over IPv4 and IPv6 and has many other benefits. Consider how to open an MXF file in an abandoned VLC player:

  1. In the “Media” menu, select “Open File” (Ctrl + O).
  1. Find the desired object in the selection window and click “Open”, after which playback will begin.

Light Alloy

The Light Alloy media player also has many features and is included in the list of programs that open files with the .mxf extension. To start the object, perform the following steps:

  1. In the program interface, click on the button to open files, located in the lower left corner, or by calling the context menu by right-clicking on the title, select “Open File”.
  1. In the window, find the field that is responsible for displaying the types of objects, set “All files”, select the desired item from the list and open it.


Another well-known player that can open many formats, including MXF. To run an object with it, do the following:

  1. In the player interface, click on the logo with the name (top left) and select “Open file (s)”.
  1. Another startup option involves the additional action “Open” -> “Open file (s)” (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O).
  2. Find among the objects the one we need and run it.

Windows Media Player

The standard Windows player integrated into the system also plays video files with the extension “.mxf”, for this you need to do the following:

  1. Launch the player, in the “Library” tab, select the “Video” section.
  1. In the central area of ​​the interface, a list of available elements will be displayed, find the right one, mark it and press the button in the form of a triangle, which indicates the beginning of playback.

This is just a small list of programs that work with MXF data, so there should be no problems finding applications if you need to run video files. Basically, objects open freely in the presence of the necessary software. It is another matter if this is hindered by completely different reasons, such as a mismatch in the connection of the item in the registry entries, file corruption during download or malware. Typically, the problem is solved by re-creating the connection, as well as loading the object on a new one.

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