How to open, edit and convert EDRW files

A file with the EDRW file extension is an eDrawings file used with the SolidWorks eDrawings CAD program. In short, it’s just a format used to store 3D designs in a “view only” format.

EDRW files are useful when sharing a design, not only because the file is compacted to a much smaller size than the raw design, which makes it much easier to share, but also because the original data cannot be tampered with because the format was created specifically for reading a design, but not for editing it.

Even more, drawings in an EDRW file can be examined without the recipient needing a complete, bulky CAD program.

EDRWX files are similar to EDRW files but are created in XPS format.

How to open an EDRW file

SolidWorks eDrawings Viewer is a free CAD tool that can open and draw drawings in EDRW format. This program can even password protect the EDRW file.

Make sure you click the FREE CAD TOOLS tab on the right side of the page that we just linked to the eDrawings download link.

eDrawings Viewer also supports other eDrawings file formats, such as EASM , EASMX, EPRT , EPRTX, and EDRWX.

Tip: The website has download links for eDrawings Publisher plugins that you can use with 3D design programs like CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge and SketchUp. The plugins enable these programs to export drawings to the EDRW format.

Note: if you are not able to open your file yet, make sure you do not misread the file extension. It is easy to confuse other formats that confuse similar letters, such as DRW (DESIGNER Drawing) and WER (Windows Error Report), with the EDRW eDrawings format.

If you find that a program on your computer is trying to open the EDRW file but it is the wrong application or if you would rather have an open installed program open EDRW files, see our How to change the default program for a specific file extension guide for making that change in Windows.

How to convert an EDRW file

By downloading the eDrawings Viewer application from the SolidWorks link above, you can save the EDRW file to BMP , TIF , JPG , PNG , GIF, and HTM .

The same program can convert the EDRW file into an EXE file (or even a zip with the EXE automatically saved) so that it can be opened on a computer that did not have the eDrawings software installed.

You can also convert EDRW to PDF using a tool called a “PDF printer”. See how to print to PDF to learn more.

We are not aware of any file converters that can convert EDRW to DWG or DXF , which are two other CAD file formats. Even with a conversion tool that makes it possible to get the EDRW file in one of the formats, you can only view the 3D image, not edit it, since it is actually just a reading format.


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