How to open bunkers in CoD: Warzone

This is how you can open all the hidden bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone, we also show you the map with the 11 locations and the rewards that you will find inside them.


  1. Map and location of all bunkers in COD: Warzone
  2. How to open the bunker doors?
  3. What is inside the bunkers?

Call of Duty: Warzone has many Easter eggs and secrets to surprise its players. One of the biggest mysteries since the launch of the video game has been everything related to bunkers and their closed doors . However, the game already allows since its update 1.21 to open these doors and enter the interior of the bunkers. If you have no idea where these bunkers are, how to open them or what awaits you inside, then we are going to show you everything in this entry of our complete guide .

Map and location of all bunkers in COD: Warzone

The first question we have to solve is the following: where are the bunkers located? You may have never seen one or you have just glanced at it but don’t remember its location. Do not worry. These are the locations of all the bunkers on the Verdansk map of Call of Duty: Warzone.


As you can see, there are a total of 11 bunker doors with their respective keyboards that ask us for a code. Now you have to know how to open the damned doors.

How to open the bunker doors?

To open the bunker doors in Warzone , you need to get a red access card . These objects are the keys to open the bunker doors. You will find these types of red key cards simply by playing and looting .

How to find red access card

Specifically, these are the two methods that exist to get a red access card in Warzone:

  • Loot Loot Boxes: Youare likely to find a red keycard in the boxes randomly, they don’t always come out, it is believed that legendary (orange) boxes increase your odds.
  • Loot Dead Enemies:You can also get red access cards.

With a bit of luck, you will end up running into one of them on your way during the course of the game. Red access cards are easily recognized because they are orange in color , like Legendary Quality items. When you see one, put it in your backpack. Once you have it in the team, you must go to any of the bunker doors that we have shown you before.

With the card in your inventory go to the door panel and interact with it , the card will activate the bunker door and you will see that its locks begin to open to let you pass inside. This takes a few seconds, so keep an eye out for other enemy players.

What’s inside the bunkers?

The great unknown has been resolved. Inside the bunkers there are mainly equipment boxes with high quality loot . These are spacious rooms that feature a handful of normal and legendary boxes. So inside the bunkers you can assemble your team and you very easily.

  • Probably entering a bunker will give you a great advantage over other enemies, especially if you manage to enter when the game is not too far advanced.
  • We believe that this is when it is most worth entering, since in advanced or late moments of a game it is most likely that you already have quite a good team and the other players as well.

In any case, another locked door similar to the one outside has also been detected inside the bunkers . It is a mystery if this additional door can be opened and gives way to something else. Some players believe that it does not, while others think that it is and that there would be more access cards of other colors that would allow us to open them. But if so, that is not yet possible. If it were, we would update this section of the guide. For the rest, we have already told you everything you need to know.

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