How to open .BIN files

Do you have a .BIN file and you don’t know what to do with it? Do you need to edit any of these? No matter what you need, you can always solve any problem or any difficulty you have. You can use some programs to burn DVD and CD and that allow you to see the content of the .BIN files and edit them, you can even burn video files as movies . Right now you will learn how to open .BIN files.

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  1. What are files with the .BIN extension used for?
  2. How can we open files that have a .BIN extension?
    1. On Android
    2. On iPhone
    3. On Windows computers
    4. On Mac
  3. Procedure to convert a .BIN file to .ISO and handle it more easily
  4. What are the alternative programs that we can use to open and edit .BIN files?
    1. Daemon Tools Lite
    2. UltraISO Premium
    3. Alcohol 120%
    4. Activate ISO File Manager
    5. IZArc

What are files with the .BIN extension used for?

The .BIN files are a type of files that are essential for installing programs, systems and, in some cases, video games. The amazing thing about these is that they are created with the purpose of storing important installation data and not taking up too much disk space.

The type of format in which they are created is binary format. Therefore, they are ideal to be inserted as virtual images on DVD discs or installation CDs.

How can we open files that have a .BIN extension?

At first glance it seems impossible to use or open this type of file. However, there are several ways to open them but it will depend on factors such as the system you use.

On Android

It is not common for an Android to find a .BIN file. Most of the time, this is an error as this type of installation file is not compatible with the Android system. However, there are special applications to do this function. You have to follow the following steps:

  • 1st step: first you have to go to the Play Store and search, download and install the “APK Installer” . The next thing you should do is activate the “USB debugging” option, which you will get in “Developer options”.
  • 2nd step: the next thing is to choose the “Mass Storage” option by sliding your finger from the top of the screen. Now you have to search the files for the .BIN file and replace the extension with .APK.
  • 3rd step: finally, you have to deactivate the “USB debugging” option and install the .BIN file that is now .APK with the “APK Installer”.

On iPhone

On iPhone devices, it is recommended to use applications to extract files that use the .BIN extension. The best for this task is the Stuffit Expander, since it is capable of decompressing any type of file that is in a compressed state. After you install it, you just have to press the files that have this extension and wait for the application to do the work.

On Windows computers

If you want to view the content from a Windows computer, one of the best solutions is to insert the file on a blank DVD or CD . To do this, you need to have an accompanying CUE file. If you want to make a file in this category, you just have to open the Windows notepad and place the following in it: FILE “.BIN” BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1 / 2352 INDEX 01 00:00:00.

What is in quotes is where the .BIN file name has to go, but without the quotes. It is important that when you save it, you put the extension .CUE and place it in the same folder as the .BIN file. The next step is to burn the disc with any burning program.

When you finish burning the disc by adding the .BIN image , you can insert the CD or DVD and explore the contents of the file.

On Mac

Doing this procedure on a MacOS computer can be much easier. However, to do this you will have to look for a special program to unzip it so you can see what the .BIN contains. The best program you can count on is the Stuffit Expander.

Procedure to convert a .BIN file to .ISO and handle it more easily

If you want to convert a .BIN file to an .ISO file, you just need to have a program. The best ones to do this are:

  • Magic ISO
  • UltraISO
  • IZArc

After you have installed any of these programs, you just have to look for the .BIN file and press the ‘Convert to ISO’ button . Finally, you can burn the .ISO file to a CD or DVD and open it on your PC.

What are the alternative programs that we can use to open and edit .BIN files?

There are many alternative programs to burn DVD and CD and so that you can know what is inside any .BIN file and in case you want to edit it, you can also do it. Right now, you will see the most recommended programs to execute this type of task.

Daemon Tools Lite

It is regarded as the best of image emulators. It has the ability to compress, decompress, and read any image file , including .BIN ones. Also, with this you can emulate all kinds of virtual CDs.

UltraISO Premium

Although this is a converter to .ISO, it is also useful to get the information from any .BIN file. Besides this, it gives you the possibility to open any image file or virtual disk inside your PC .

Alcohol 120%

If you want to make a DVD or CD replica, this is the ideal program for that. It is also very useful in case you want or need to emulate any virtual disk, be it a video game or a program. It has high compatibility and you can burn images with it, including the .BIN format.

Activate ISO File Manager

It is simple and very easy to use. With this you can have the facility to edit or open any type of image file and burn DVD’s or CD’s. Best of all, it supports .BIN files


If you are looking for a high quality program that has the best possible performance, then IZArc is the one. You can compress and decompress any type of file. It also has a conversion function that allows you to change the format of the file you want.


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