How to open and play karaoke files in Windows Media Player?

The Windows Player player is one of the oldest and most professional that exists. Thanks to its infinity of updates (which come in each new version of the window operating system) and also to its user-friendly interface. With that in mind, today you will see how to easily open and play karaoke files in Windows Media Player.

And it is that, nobody imagines his life without the Windows player, it has been almost since the operating system started and probably never goes away. Thanks to this, it is one of the most complete that exists (you can even convert CD audio into MP3 music with it), allowing you to play a large number of music formats within it, for the fun of anyone.

What is a CDG file?

Before you can know how to open and play karaoke files in Windows Media Player, you have to first consider what type of file to use.

Basically, the karaoke file is one CDG (disc, compact and graphics), these handle audio tracks (such as music), which are accompanied by graphics or lyrics in low resolution, so that the person can follow the rhythm and sing freely .

These tracks can be extracted from a CD and saved on a computer in different formats such as: MP3 + G or BIN.

This is the standard for the karaoke industry, obviously due to the ability to contain all kinds of graphics (letters of different colors and sizes). However, because of this the CDG should only be played on karaoke-compatible devices, otherwise you will only hear the audio within it .


This is precisely why a different codec is needed than the one provided by Windows media player by default, so that the complete file can be played with it on any computer, and thus it can be enjoyed to the fullest. This codec is called karaoke for direct.

It is completely free, and can be downloaded from any internet site ( preferably from your official website ), so the first step to be able to open and play karaoke files in Windows Media Player is to install this program (it is also recommended way to update Windows media player to the latest version ).

Opening and playing karaoke files in Windows Media Player

Now that you know the above, it is time for you to learn how to play the karaoke-type music you want. For this, you must first double click on the ” My Computer ” option within your system.

Before you must already have the necessary codec installed, this is done simply by clicking it until the program starts the installation process.

Once this is done and being within the selection named above, navigate until you find the file or track you want to play (preferably create a folder with all of them to avoid wasting time), when you find it press the right click of your mouse.

This will open a drop-down window with the option “Open with”, when you stand on it, another section will appear where you must choose “Windows Media Player”.

Thanks to this action, the player will load and you should be able to start seeing and hearing everything that is inside the track without any problem.

And voila, that simple you can open and play karaoke files in Windows Media Player, you just have to go to download the program.


Keep in mind that the codec is completely legal , so there will be no repercussions for you in the future. This is the only way to achieve your goal, so if you prefer not to do it for whatever reason, then you should get a compatible device.

Whatever your decision, remember that the important thing is to always have a good time, because being with friends and family together enjoying good music is priceless.

Finally, take into account that this player is so good, that it also allows you to do other things like convert a CDA file to MP3 , or create albums and add covers , so it doesn’t hurt to look for more information about it.


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