How to open all kinds of files on Android mobiles?

We can say that the world currently revolves around smartphones, and it is that there are very few cases in which a person does not have one of them. Normally these cases are very common in rural farmers, elderly grandparents or people with very low resources.

Therefore, these devices have evolved to such an extent that we can define it as a pocket computer . With which we can access different types of files, social networks, tools, accessories and among others.

In such a way that the tasks of company managers and other jobs with a more administrative approach are much easier. Therefore, information is needed on the internet on how to get the most out of these devices, learning about the possibilities it offers us.

What are computer files?

The concept of archives has changed over the years, initially it was considered as a shelf where a large number of folders with important documents were stored inside. This concept is still used, only that with the advancement of technology it is becoming obsolete.

Nowadays, we can consider a file in computing terms, as an object with which a certain information or data grouping can be stored , which allows us to maintain control of an area. They are usually associated with Microsoft office software or tools.

What kind of files are there?

When we talk about the types of files on a computer, we can talk about a wide variety of formats , since it is not really the files that we consider when we want to work, but the application with which we can open and develop the content that we wish.

Normally people work with 3 main office automation programs , although they can also use and download the tools they see necessary, these main programs will be mentioned by their dominance at Microsoft, since they are the most popular.

The first is Word , a word processor; the second is Excel , a data processor for numbers and mathematical functions; and the third is PowerPoint , a program with which we can edit images in a simple way.

What is the use of being able to open files on an Android cell phone?

In a world where people are constantly moving from one place to another, it is very difficult to take their laptops everywhere, much less their desktop computers. Therefore, Smartphones have advanced to the point of being able to solve this problem.

As is the case with archives, about 10 years ago to do a project or work in high school or university, you needed access to a computer. But today it is no longer necessary, since many cell phones allow the creation and editing of files related to office automation programs.

How to open all kinds of files on Android mobiles?

In order to open any type of file on Android mobiles, we must first download an application called ” Polaris Office “ , which is easily installable, we only need to type the name of the application in the Play Store search engine and then select install.

Next, we look for the file that we want to open, which depends on where it was downloaded. That is, if we download it from WhatsApp it will appear in the section of the device called documents , if on the other hand we download it from the web, it may appear in the download area .

Then, we will give it a click with which the option to open with the Polaris program will appear, we select it and we can automatically see it. It is good to have this application installed, since with it we can access all kinds of office files quickly and easily.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Have you been able to open all kinds of files on your Android device using this tool? Leave us your answer in the comments.


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